Affiliation manager

Position: Affiliation manager 

We are looking for an experienced, strong Affiliation manager to join our team and help our company to launch a new affiliation or partnership program. The goal of the program is to attract regional and local PEO, payroll, accounting, umbrella and other companies to partner with Acumen International and share with us valuable updates on legislative changes on hiring and firing international workforce compliantly. In addition, timely updates on any changes in tax rates, which constitute employer tax burden will need to be collected on a regular basis. 

The key objective of the affiliation program is to support and "feed" the company's SaaS products, Global Payroll Calculator (GPC) and Global HR Assistant (GHRA) with expert data, figures and information in-country labor codes. The Affiliation manager is expected to market the concept of the partnership based on the unique values potential partners can get as a result: 

  • To become a recommended Vendor and get beneficial terms for PEO projects in any of 190 countries with that you fulfil with Acumen where you don't have own coverage;  ​
  • To save marketing budget (or generate new business without investing own marketing dollars) as we would use your expertise to generate the leads with projects (employees to be hired globally) that we will fulfill with you. Country-specific marketing done by Acumen team for recommended vendors ​
  • To leverage ourSaas Products that can help you prepare quotes and serve all of your clients where you don't have coverage. There is no need to build your own entities and/or network and waste years on this. Leverage our global network in 190 countries to arrange compliant employment of an international workforce for your clients. Make your dream to become an international company with global operations a reality.
  • We will provide you free access to our both products and you do not need to invest your resources/software to get these timely updates on legislative norms and employer tax estimates in 190 countries by simply accessing our platform. Compare employment cost in various countries and send quotes to your clients in a record time the market hasn't seen before  ​
  • commissions from the sales of both products after the successful launch of the two products 
  • potential leads for payroll and/or recruitment which we will refer to you as Acumen is focusing on EOR business. ​

​The key unique selling point or value of this kind of partnership is relying on the authority and knowldge of a global company, becoming global overnight and meeting their client's needs to the fullest. 

Source of such data and information: 

  1. Low-hanging fruit:  SCs in active countries
  2. Long-term perspective: new in-country partners in non-active countries
  3. Payroll and accounting, and legal firms and other companies in conjoint fileds 

Expected result: in March-April 2022 to have country updates and latest tax rates for 190 countries in gpc, ghra (exact KPIs should be based on marketing & compliance marketing list).


  • Build strong constructive and enduring working relationships with International Clients and Partners in liaison with the Global Operations Manager and Network manager 
  • Develop a strategy of bringing to potential partners the concept of affiliation partnership and its key value-adds through defining ideal buyer personas and bringing to them the unique benefits of the program to reinforce their interest 
  • Make sure accumulation and consolidation of the content - figures and country info is received with clear timelines
  • Manage Affiliation agreements and addendums with affiliates 
  • Work closely with product marketing managers, compliance and payroll specialist when checking and accepting content from affiliates 


  • Associated Degree in economics, business management, legal or related field 
  • Three plus years strong experience 
  • Experience in heavy-lifting, tough negotiations 
  • Experience with Employer of Record (EOR) contingent workforce management and/or international hiring practices are highly desired
  • Strong computer skills including knowledge of the MS Office Suite
  • Advanced Excel and project management skills
  • Must be numbers-oriented and very detailed 
  • Payroll, compliance and/or HR background is desirable
  • Superior communications skills with international audience are required; excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong organizational, problem-solving, and analytical skills
  • Ability to manage priorities and workflow
  • Flexibility and desire to work within constantly changing priorities with enthusiasm
  • Commitment to excellence and high deadlines 


In this role, the employee is required to:

  • Be a multi-tasker and coordinate multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Spend most of the time communicating with partners and prospects, and artiuclating the benefits of the program as well as following them up actively to move things forward 
  • Ability to learn the subject matter and industry specifics fast, to collect interpret, and/or analyze complex  information and figures 
  • Ability to communicate well orally with customers, management, and coworkers is crucial. Strong negotiations skills will be needed for frequent phone calls and email communication. Regular use of phone and email for communications is essential.
  • Ability to understand and respond to a diverse population
  • Ability to work in the office most of the time is required

 Why Join Acumen International:

  • Work with global community 190 countries around the globe
  • Excellent compensation package
  • Corporate education
  • Comfortable office in the downtown area close to Druzhby Narodov subway station
  • Excellent opportunity to pursue international career in a global company
  • Professional growth and development, training programs
  • Fantastic team


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