Digital Transformations manager position

Position: Digital Transformations manager position


  1. Develop the technical and technological strategy of the company and develop overall tech infrastructure to meet the changing company goals to bring to the market and sell 3 new products including 2 SaaS products in addition to a global PEO service that we have been selling successfully during the last 10 years.

    Now one of the goals is to help product managers launch new products and “pack” them into bundles that would add value to the client, and bring us additional revenue as a result
  2. Based on the above, change our current CRM (developed by the Ukrainian developers) to the well-known, reputable CRM or ERP system; transfer existing business processes without harming the existing procedures in Operations and Finance, and optimizing current and adding new business processes

    Required: practical experience of similar transformation in successful projects and companies that are successfully leveraging the system now
  3. Optimize existing processes in accounting and operations for a global PEO solution; work closely with the marketing specialists and the sales team in order to build and implement in the system the new business processes that are not currently configured or set, but are important for marketing and sales.

    Optimize and simplify invoicing processes and reporting.
  4. To help marketers responsible for launching new products to set up an e-commerce and subscription management system, and invoicing for SaaS products, both manual and automated (payments via card). Also, the specialist will be responsible for the integration of several systems and / or modules into a single technological system that reflects the business goals of the company, good knowledge of APIs is required. It is also necessary to create a client private area and connect all products into a single working area to provide clients with access to their personal dashboard. To give clients the ability to choose both one product and product bundles in their dashboard; work in liaison with product marketing managers and owners
  5. It is important to have an understanding of the B2B sales cycle, the financial cycle, and operational cycle as well as practical experience in implementing of such complex systems and technologies. Experience working with the US and UK markets is one of the key requirements
  6. To help marketing team launch and reflect in the system cross-sales and upsells of all products and services; work in close connection with product specialists

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