Business Expansion Into Bahrain: Expatriate Employment

When it comes to Middle Eastern countries to expand into, Bahrain may not be the first name that comes to mind, but it certainly worth mention. For the beginning, here are some factors to consider about doing business in Bahrain:

  • A strategic location in the Arabian Gulf, with easy access to neighbor countries
  • One of the most business-friendly environments in the region
  • Low costs for renting and industrial space
  • No income taxes
  • Foreigners having full rights to participate in business operation

One other particular note about Bahrain is that a great amount of its workforce is actually consisting of expatriates from other countries, who hold, by the way, 17% of the public sector jobs. We will try to catch up with the principal reasons for people from all over the world come to work and live within this magnificent place, and consider the advantages of such a tendency.

The Reasoning For Expatriate Employment In Bahrain

Between the major reasons expats enjoy working in Bahrain is due to the fact that it’s considered one of the most friendly countries in the region for foreigners to live in. Besides it, for many years the city of Manama being ranked as the most desirable city in the world to emigrate, mainly because of welcoming attitudes towards foreigners and the ability to get around without knowing Arabic.

Along with this, the quality of life for expats is very high in Bahrain. Many workers report respectable salaries and broad opportunities for financial development and growth. As mentioned earlier, there is no income tax, meaning that expat workers get to take home a larger chunk of their income. The massive expat population means there’s a uniquely multicultural flavor to the country many people appreciate.

As a final note, compared to other countries in the region, the employment procedure for Bahrain is relatively straightforward. However, you still need a work visa to perform duties in the country, but likely can’t get it without a job offer. This is why most expat workers either work with headhunters or enter the country on a tourist visa to make connections to try and get hired.

All these factors also explain why employee migration services in Bahrain are a worthy investment. The environment is already well suited for expats, so chances are it will be easy for your current team to transition over and be effective.

Why Consider Global Business Expansion In Bahrain?

While it’s quite possible for a foreign worker to have a nice quality of life, there still needs to be the other side of the equation: the environment for businesses. Luckily, Bahrain is an excellent area to expand into as well for your company. There are three key reasons here that set apart Bahrain from the rest of the region in terms of expansion opportunities:

Diversified economy: Many countries, like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, primarily have an economy based around the oil industry. However, Bahrain has gone to great lengths to try and diversify its offerings over the last few decades. For example, finance and tourism are growing industries here. The ability to service a variety of different niches means it’s possible for more businesses to expand and utilize the local infrastructure.

Financial hub for the region: As mentioned before, Bahrain has gone to great lengths to try and appeal to outside businesses. Not only is it easy to access areas like Saudi Arabia and Qatar from nearby, but it’s ranked one of the top countries in the region on the Economic Freedom index.

Infrastructure: In order to become a major financial center, it’s essential for Bahrain to have developed advanced business infrastructure. For example, advanced telecommunications systems are in place to allow teams to communicate with each other. There is also tight regulation for advisors to prevent fraud. In general, this makes it easier for outside companies to continue their regimens in this environment.

Utilizing Expatriate Services in Bahrain

With all this in place, it’s a great situation for people looking to try and increase their talent pool when doing business in Bahrain. At the same time, Bahrain is also a fertile business ground for companies trying to expand their reach internationally. The combined result is an increased need to try and set up operations with this workforce as soon as possible.

This is easier said than done for a lot of options. Working with freelancers leaves a lot of variance in the quality of work, and opens you up to confusion about IP rights, especially abroad. Trying to expand via incorporation takes a lot of time to manage compliantly. The ideal alternative here is using a Global Employer of Record (GEOR) solution. By having a third party handle hiring your team, you get all the benefits of expats employment, without need to worry about compliance problems.

Bahrain is an excellent starting point for doing business in the Middle East region, and being a hub for expats makes it a great place to build an international workforce. However, it’s important to recognize the fact that, like any country, there are still going to be bureaucratic roadblocks and confusion in terms of compliantly assembling the team that you want.

In order to tap into the international talent ecosystem and get your Bahraini expansion off on the right foot, make sure you work with the proper industry partners, like Acumen International. We can help companies expanding internationally in Bahrain to hire and manage their expat talent, without needing to create your own international entity. Apparently, whether you want to work with local expats or arrange employee transfer services in Bahrain, we are here to help.

Reach out to us today for more information.

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