Business expansion made easy: Global Payroll Calculator powered by Acumen International

In the process of deciding to hire global workforce and expanding into foreign markets, calculating payroll in the foreign countries is one of the main challenges businesses face as different countries have different laws and regulations, tax-reporting structures, and practices. Acumen International has designed a one-of-a-kind Global Payroll Calculator to help facilitate the process of expanding your business abroad by helping you calculate the in-country cost of employing your local employees as well as expats in 190+ countries.

By simply inputting the relevant information about the target country and the relevant tax year; monthly/annual calculation period; the gross salary amount and the currency you expect to pay an employee, the calculator will instantaneously provide you with a complete breakdown and explanation of the payroll calculations, including the expected employer contributions for the chosen calculation period, standard employee deductions, and other notes based on the selections chosen in the calculator.

The Global Payroll Calculator is for companies willing to expand their or their clients’ business globally, including International HR companies, Global Recruitment and Staffing agencies, Global talent professionals, Global HR professionals and Global PEOs, International staffing and mobility companies, Global compensation and benefits specialists, Global executive search consultants, Global recruiters, Heads of divisions and departments, Global finance professionals, Global budget professionals, Global finance controllers, Global payroll accountants, Business owners, Export Directors.


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