Contractor management: the precedence of hiring employees over independent IT contractors

While many argue that it is better to work with independent contractors rather than employees owing to its flexibility and possibly low cost effective, there are a lot more to be considered before you can finally decide on whether you still want to work as or hire an independent contractor or as an employee.

Hiring an employee can lead to additional responsibilities and overhead, no doubt about it, but these responsibilities and costs can easily be offset by the productivity and returns that are brought about by a dedicated employee. An employer who prefers to work with an independent contractor has a higher chance of meeting with the disappointment of them (contractor) having to leave in the middle of a very important project and leaving the employer with the expenses of new recruitment/replacement. Other high risks about working with contractors are non-guarantee of compliancy from the contractor’s end or the fear of losing your customer base to contractors who might neither be loyal nor dedicated to you. Except for an occasion where a lot of projects are involved, working as an independent contractor can be more expensive than being employed, and this is mainly because all the expenses, including the tax deductions are borne by the contractor.

Our contractor management services are designed in such a way that all the challenges of being or using a contractor will be taken care of. In consequence of these contract management solutions, you will be able to calmly employ great talents who as a result of their satisfaction will remain motivated and loyal to you and consequently improve your productivity, increase your profitability and competitiveness.

Through our contractor management solutions, Acumen International will scale down the many hassles of hiring your deserved workforce, keeping them engaged and motivated, will take up the challenges of payrolling, local tax payments and reporting, onboarding, offboarding and most importantly, complying to the local authorities all along. Also, you will enjoy extra benefits such as car leasing, office / showroom rental, equipment (notebook, mobile, etc.), secretarial services, business expenses, medical insurance, immigrants and expats employment.

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