Global PEO Solutions And The Coronavirus Fight

As the coronavirus situation rapidly develops, just about every aspect of daily life is being altered or upended worldwide. While safety concerns are at the forefront in just about everyone’s mind, and rightly so, a source of equal concern is how businesses are going to manage the disruption.

International companies are particularly impacted by this due to the restrictions or limitations on travel across borders in different regions. While we can’t estimate how long this disruption will last, we can look at some of the methods to mitigate the impact on global needs, including bringing on more remote employees.

Maintaining A Business In The Age of Coronavirus

Looking at the stock markets will give you enough of an idea of how the coronavirus is impacting the world of business. Smaller businesses are struggling to get their workers to feel safe enough to come in, larger companies are having their international supply chains disrupted, and in some of the most impacted areas, physical locations are being shut down/held to curfews as a matter of public health. This is enough to paralyze certain industries outright.

For a lot of companies, the idea of using global employees working from home may have been a luxury or an option in the past, but in the current situation, it’s evolved to an objective necessity and matter of security. Being able to manage your operations completely remotely allows you to meet deadlines and plans made before the outbreak without exposing employees to any sort of risk. In addition, chances are that most, if not all businesses will need to discuss how to alter their plans moving forward. With the notion of quarantines/lockdowns now becoming a matter of months, not weeks or days, communication at a rapid pace is key. To put together the proper setting for this, you need the best onboarding and management you can find.

What exactly does that entail? Using a global EOR / PEO solution to help install and manage your company’s global operations. The time for weekly flights for meetings is done with, possibly for a very long time, which is why getting foreign people to work for you in the target countries is becoming paramount for many businesses now. Using an alternative like a global employment service leaves your company easily able to adjust to the current threat and future disruptions that may occur.

If you’re on the fence, a lot of worldwide media outlets have already considered the current outbreak a major driver in regards to driving remote work. This includes work-from-home practice for internal teams and for international teams dispersed all over the world. A lot of areas and industries are going to need to either make the adaptation, use what they already have in terms of work-from-home procedure, or abandon operations entirely. This also grows the time for them to consider adopting it as a more permanent measure. If companies like yours were to make this reformation, what benefits would you see using a global PEO company? Some of the common examples are:

  • The ability to recruit from a wider – global – pool of talent.
  • The opportunity to operate without maintaining a physical office overseas. This relates to companies’ current inability to incorporate overseas due to restrictions caused by COVID19
  • The opportunity to continue international operations during coronavirus lockdown
  • The ability to serve a wider span of clients in terms of distance

Of course, with these benefits come additional challenges, namely when it comes to actually wanting to hire and payroll those global employees. There’s the matter of in-country employment law compliance, making sure that your workers have the properly defined status, and contingent worker management. Going for a global PEO service takes this out of your hands and into the hands of proper professionals.

In the uncertain times ahead, you’re going to want proven industry partners when it comes to managing areas like global PEO and payroll. This is why Acumen International is the ideal International PEO and Payroll solution company for you. We can help you onboard gig workers in 190+ different countries. With our attention to detail, you don’t need to worry about compliance when hiring a global workforce—we have it covered. Along with this, you don’t have to worry about opening a costly separate business entity to take advantage of any of these benefits. Literally you can onboard and pay foreign people without leaving your home.

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