Helpful tips on effectively fulfilling global IT projects

Taking up global projects and successfully completing them are not something you do overnight, they’re not child’s play to be undertaken lightly. They require a lot of challenging processes that must be carefully considered and carried through. This article has been put together as the best practice guide to help IT companies already undertaking or planning to undertake global projects to successfully fulfill their projects in any global market.

Work with the right skills

There is a range of factors that determine the success or failure of a project completion, but working with the right talent stands out among them all. In fact, having the right skills work for your global project can rightly be considered as one of the heavyweights of your project success. As a result, it is always advisable for companies, especially IT-based to carefully plan on how to attract, hire and manage the suitable skills for their project, considering that a slightest negligence in any of those can reduce their chances of success in the global marketplace. Yes! There is scarcity of talent in the IT industry, but that is a lame excuse for not succeeding, seeing that it is possible to make your company indispensable for the available ones to crave to work with. No excuse!

Global Employer of Record solution can help improve your chances of attracting the right talent for your global project, as well as help you hire them just when you need them. No matter where your candidates are based, a third party global employer of record company can become a legal employer of your international workforce; onboard your global employees; manage monthly payroll; and sponsor your foreign employees’ work permits if required.
With this solution, you will be able to fill your talent pipeline that you can readily choose from when you urgently need to engage a talent with your global project.

Remember, the global market is too competitive to joke with your chances of success. Attracting the right talent for your global project can go a long way towards improving your chances of success in the foreign market.

Challenge all your assumptions

Research! Research! Research! The importance of researching on and being conversant with the market environment where your project will be implemented cannot be overemphasized. Every foreign market has its own peculiarities and assuming that your project will succeed in one foreign market because it did in another market is just like playing with the chances of your success. Successful fulfilment of any global project requires more than attracting the right skills; it requires retaining them and to do this, you need to know the country’s labor/employment laws that can make or mar your effort.

A Global Employer of Record solution is designed to help IT companies to not only attract but retain the best global IT talent by offering the security and stability of employment, which freelancing lacks. You are sure to improve the emotional commitment of your IT workforce by engaging them the right way according to the labor law of the country. Unlike freelancers who may not be fully engaged in fulfilling your project due to their involvement on several projects at the same time, your global employees hired via a Global Employer of Record solution will be focused on the company’s project or projects exclusively. Consequently, you will be able to achieve higher employee engagement and higher efficiency. Global Employer of Record solution encourages knowledge-sharing among global team members. At the same time, it allows for an absolute compliance of a country’s employment laws without having to dwell on the challenging processes of familiarizing with the labor framework of the country. With this solution in place, you can take up any global project.

Hire the right mix of talent and experience

Expatriates know the values of your company, have a deep understanding of the product offering and know how internal company politics and decision-making processes work. However, solely relying on expatriates is not the best strategy. You want to hire local staff that know the market and in-country business environment, know the language and can translate your marketing message to the local cultural nuances.

Stay lean and agile

When hiring IT talent globally, you can get easily bogged down in everything except for your core business. Do not entangle yourself in unnecessary process of learning in-country laws and regulations to have your global workforce employed compliantly. Instead, focus on the core task, which is a timely delivery of the project to your customer. It is easy to outsource global employment to a third party Global Employer of Record company, which will reduce all the complexities of foreign employment to a single monthly invoice for you. The company will onboard your employees, pay the monthly payroll and file the taxes, reimburse expenses on your behalf – so you don’t have to.

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