How to Hire Top Global Talent Fast

Hire Top Global Talent Fast

Hiring top global talent is not easy under any circumstances, but when the heat is on to fill vacancies ASAP, it is easy to go into crisis mode. Operating under duress often leads to costly mistakes that can snowball down the road, putting your business at risk, harming your reputation, and creating unnecessary drama.

When faced with urgent hiring needs, especially when hiring globally, it is important to keep a cool head and not compromise your standards. Quality global talent is out there, you simply need creative solutions to find it. A global PEO can help.

Top 4 Reasons to Hire Top Global Talent Urgently

Every business owner or manager will eventually confront a situation where key personnel needs to be augmented or replaced, or where unforeseen circumstances create immediate hiring needs. Some common urgent hiring scenarios include the following.

1. Mergers or acquisitions

Mergers or acquisitions where corporate reshuffling leaves critical gaps in key positions displace key employees, or demands relocation. You may lose some of your most seasoned top talents if they are unwilling to relocate. Or if some of the candidates want to be hired directly by your company while you are terminating your business entity because of the takeover. Either way, you may need to transfer your workforce among departments or even to another entity, and allocate them to the active projects, which can directly impact your company’s bottom line.

2. Urgent global talent onboarding

Urgent global talent onboarding on multiple fronts, where new technologies, new departments, or new products and services require skilled professionals for implementation. Finding qualified candidates with specific skills and enticing them to work for you can be difficult. However, timely onboarding can become crucial in the war for top global minds if you don’t want to lose a valuable candidate to competition.

3. Local compliance threats

Local compliance threats, where international contractors must be rapidly converted to full-time employees, to avoid litigation and tax issues related to independent contractor/employee misclassification. Political unrest, economic downturns, or regime changes can make compliance a volatile landscape.

4. Sudden critical growth

Sudden critical growth, where your new company receives more orders than it can handle to keep up with explosive demand for your goods or services. While this is generally a good thing, the urgent need for staffing can be a nightmare.

In such situations, your first impulse may be to scoop up the first warm bodies whose CVs reflect the requisite qualifications. But when it comes to onboarding new hires, hasty decisions often lead to long-term regrets.

What Are Key Challenges of Hiring Top Global Talent Urgently?

When you have critical positions to fill in multiple countries, the challenge looms even larger. There are numerous potential obstacles to overcome, and countless nuances that vary from one country to the next, each requiring a unique approach.

Some common challenges faced by recruiters on an international scale include:

Finding qualified candidates

It is not uncommon for businesses to face a “feast or famine” situation. When you’re not hiring, applicants are beating down your door, but when you desperately need to fill a vacancy, there are no qualified applicants to be found.

Beating competitors’ offers

In many cases, if you have urgent staffing needs, there is a good chance your business rivals are vying aggressively for the same pool of candidates.

Beating competitors’ offers

In many cases, if you have urgent staffing needs, there is a good chance your business rivals are vying aggressively for the same pool of candidates.

Impossible timelines for hiring

Higher-ups often want a position filled yesterday, but international hiring is a long game. There can be scads of red tape that pump the brakes on your hiring machine, delaying the onboarding of essential employees.

A general shortage of skilled candidates

The explosive growth in technology has left companies scrambling to fill high-tech positions in a field where the number of vacant positions exceeds the number of skilled candidates.

Under-informed recruiters

It is not unusual for certain positions to be outside the scope of recruiters’ knowledge. This can pose problems when candidates ask specific or technical questions about the position that recruiters are not equipped to handle.

Employee retention challenges

Chances are your prime candidate pool will be Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000. They have a lot to offer, being tech-savvy, flexible, and forward-thinking. But they are less likely to stay at a single job for decades, and more likely to be lured away within two to three years of hiring. This means that your urgent hiring woes are not likely to go away anytime soon.

If you want to succeed and thrive in the international market, you need the very best talent you can find.

Solutions for Hiring Top Global Talent 

Hiring in a hurry is not the optimal scenario, but there are solutions available to accelerate the recruiting and employment process. One of the smartest moves you can make is to align yourself with a global professional employer organization (PEO).

A global PEO can offer HR support for legal onboarding and payrolling selected candidates and can help you recruit international talent if you haven’t found them yourselves. The advantage of working with a global PEO company is that they know how to deftly navigate the often choppy waters of international hiring from one country to the next. A global PEO can expedite foreign employee onboarding procedures including recruiting and arranging local payroll for the desired candidate, so you can fill critical key positions in the least amount of time.

Global PEO Services Include

  1. Local tax compliance
  2. Payroll and tax administration
  3. Legal and regulatory requirements
  4. Insurance and other mandatory and voluntary benefits provision
  5. Workers comp and safety compliance

A global PEO has access to technologies and resources that may not be available to smaller enterprises. Also, they have global expertise that companies that only operate in their home country lack. They can offer your global employees better benefits and incentives, ensure accurate and timely payroll, onboarding, and termination, and provide professional global HR support. Partnering with a global PEO can give your company an advantage over your competitors when it comes to recruiting the world’s top talent.

Acumen: Your Express Global PEO for Immediate Employment Needs

Today’s world is changing at a rapid pace, posing challenges never before experienced by global employers. To stay competitive, businesses need to be nimble and creative, finding unique solutions for new challenges that no company has had to face in the past.

Acumen International offers a flexible and reliable solution for your human resources needs:

  • Whether you’re going through a company acquisition and need to transfer the current workforce as a result of restructuring so that there are no breaks in work
  • Urgent in-country tax compliance threat
  • Starting your own company abroad but need a stopgap solution meanwhile and want the employees to work for you before incorporation is done
  • Cannot move the hire date and have a pressing talent gap to be filled in.

Request a tailored quote for your particular case today.

Contact Acumen today and let us take the stress out of global hiring even if you are pressed for time.

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