How International Contingent Workforce Solutions Can Help Improve Your Competitive Edge

Working as a freelancer – from home or in a series of different offices can be quite unstable and insecure, provoke the feeling of isolation, and in some cases, can prolong the years required to build an experience. From a financial point of view, having no “official” job makes many financial tools such as credit, as well as some typical corporate-specific benefits become less accessible to freelancers if compared to employees with a comparable job description. The later issue can be very serious especially for those who have found themselves in one of a few risky areas of the freelance territory.

Conversely, regular employment can be more stable and secured, provide a deep sense of community, and provide different social benefits (healthcare benefits, paid vacations, retirement scheme, etc.). Despite its higher cost, regular employment can be an effective means of retaining great talents while giving them more social and financial confidence at the same time. As a result, long term mutual benefits to both parties can be much more valuable than the excessive cost of regular employment compared to contractual work.

Since returning to employment from contractual arrangement can be a significant competitive edge in the ongoing battle for talent, especially in the IT world. Employment can be an especially effective option when hiring abroad or in the less developed regions of the world. Our International Contingent Workforce solutions will help you ward off the hassles of setting up your subsidiary in a country before you can employ local talents, as the foreign employment service can be obtained from a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) with a global presence, and many countries can be covered with a single contract.

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