How the least used field in your CRM can grow your sales

So what is the field in your CRM which is almost never used or even does not exist in some CRMs?

It’s your customer “native language” field.

  • If you don’t have this field – add it immediately.
  • If you have the field but don’t have the data – have your sales force collect it.
  • If you are already collecting that data – use it to your full advantage.

Sort your customers and prospects by the “native language” field and put a sales manager with the same native language in charge of them. If you don’t have this language in your company and you see a significant group of customers and prospects in your CRM – hire a sales manager with that native language.

If you want to expand to some global markets or work there already – hire a person in-house, or have a light footprint used by many multinationals nowadays. It’s when you hire a local person to work with your clients in that country, but you don’t open your own legal entity.

Use that strategy to make a one on one connection with your customers, and see your sales grow.


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