How To Remotely Onboard and Payroll Your Globally Distributed Teams

Some of the largest and most successful teams in business today, especially the tech world, are global teams. These include names like:

  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • Buffer
  • Github
  • Stack Overflow

Opting for a globally distributed workforce over your conventional on-site teams provides a variety of benefits. These include:

Being able to quickly augment your in-house teams. If you need a specific skill-set for a project, simply hire the best fit rather than being limited geographically.

Speed. Because you have a larger selection to work from, and can do the onboarding process remotely, you spend less time hiring and more time reaping the benefits of your new hire.

Diversity. The ability to recruit from across the world allows for new perspectives and backgrounds to enhance your knowledge.

More expertise. Remote work is a perk that many employees are willing to make concessions for. If you can provide it, you have the ability to draw in top skilled talent at a fraction of the conventional cost.

More efficiency. Remote workers have been proven to be up to 20% more productive when they have the ability to handle creative projects on their own. This isn’t just a matter of perception, but proven facts. The global workforce has evolved, with more workers not being at their desks than they are actually at the desk while working.

However, despite all these benefits, there is a logistical roadblock that can keep employers from getting the most out of their remote teams. Here’s a way to further efficiency, without any compliance risks.

Issues In Global Team Management

When we look at the biggest issues regarding globally distributed teams, remote management and communication are generally at the top. After all, you don’t have the liberty of paging someone in the same building or even walking over to their office. However, there’s a bevy of online tools available, such as Zoom and Skype, that help further communication across the board in these settings. Along with these, you can take advantage of advanced HR software to help in terms of quick reporting, task-setting and management, no matter where anyone is based.

If you are looking to add an international team, perhaps as a part of incremental development as a startup, a global EOR solution may be the ideal fit for you. Business process outsourcing is something that becomes more common as companies grow and enter new markets. However, an EOR solution lets you take advantage of employee leasing without the costs of opening a new branch in your new market.

Equally important is having a way to hire and pay offshore teams. Failing to properly categorize your employees when handling payroll and tax comes with heavy fines, and potentially blocking you out of the international market in the future. You need a partner with the global expertise and knowledge to provide compliance and addressing issues that do arise.

Getting Support

Because of how difficult the above factors can be to juggle, when you need to augment in-house teams with skilled offshore workforce without costly subsidiaries, it’s best to do this all through a third party. By working with a global employer of record (EOR), you can stay fully compliant when setting up your remote team. Combine the saved costs on brick-and-mortar offices with the higher efficiency of most remote workers, and you get a great ROI with these third parties.

If you happen to inherit a globally distributed team, or create your own, working with a global PEO company is a major asset. By being a factual employer, you have someone to handle onboarding and cut down on legal/HR liability for your globally distributed personnel. If you are looking for an option here, Acumen is your ideal choice. We can help you keep compliant while working to build a globally distributed team, servicing 190 different countries. Along with this, we are able to provide a one-stop-shop solution to help with your infrastructure on remote sites, including:

  • Office rent
  • Internet provision
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Training support

Reach out to us today for more information.

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