How to take up more global projects with the best global IT talent

In a cutthroat marketplace as we have today, it is almost impossible for a business, especially IT-related to grow and compete effectively without a viable talent management strategy in place. In the same vein, considering the technical nature of IT profession, it is essentially important to hire and work with highly skilled specialists who have the required prowess to be engaged in your projects. Businesses – big and small – having realized the role of international IT talent in business continuity are beginning to look for every way possible to hire global IT specialists no matter where they live in the world. But having said that, global hiring is not without its challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the difficulty of finding, hiring, engaging and retaining the suitable IT professionals as the quality of IT expertise lies at the heart of any business success. Once you’ve found an IT specialist, you now need to figure out how you can pay them for work done so global hiring is compliant.

In this article, we will find out how Global Employer of Record can help IT professionals to attract, engage and retain the world’s best talent and soar their business internationally side by side.

Building an effective employer branding

Gone are days when the main factors for workforce acquisition are race, age, gender, and so forth. Employers are presently more concerned about building a strong diverse corporate culture where individuals of difference backgrounds, skill sets and experience can team up to produce more effective and productive team. With a global employer of record, aka international employment outsourcing solution in place, any IT workforce employers can easily build a strong diverse-collaborative culture which is not only identifiable by all job seekers, but can make them the envy of the top-notch skills.

Having a labor pool of top-notch talent

It can be very difficult, time demanding and expensive to expand globally, especially when it involves more than one country and/or projects when there is no labor pool of skills. Acumen International having that in mind has provided through her employer of record solution, the platform that guarantees a steady pool of global talent. With a global employer of record solution, Acumen International can employ your workforce – whom you have known his skill potentials – on your behalf to realize your project in any country of your choice thereby saving you the time needed to look for appropriate skills. Having your global workforce in reserve saves you the resources that would have been used to search, recruit, train and onboard new employees each time you want to implement a new project or expand to a new country, as well as the resources that could have been lost in bad recruits.

Eliminating employee turnover

Poor employee management usually leads to unfriendly working relationship, employees’ dissatisfaction, low level of motivation and commitment, workforce disengagement, low productivity, and consequently high rate of high employee turnover. Employees are more engaged and productive when they understand and share your vision, have a sense of connection with your company, and feel recognized/appreciated. Global Employer of Record solution helps to eliminate employee turnover by providing a platform that does not only provide the possibility to attract the best skills, but also to continually engage and ultimately retain them. This Employer of Record platform makes it possible for any IT company to easily share its company vision and values with its global workforce. Through these Employer of Record services, Acumen International’s friendly group of professionals ensures that your workforce remuneration package (salary, leave and bonuses) is duly payed, while taking care of their payroll/ taxation and compliance issues.

Expanding your global presence cost-effectively, time-effectively and compliantly (leverage our global infrastructure)

Acumen International has made it much more easier and cost effective for IT professionals to expand to any foreign market as quickly as possible. With an international employment outsourcing solution, IT specialists can leverage Acumen’s global infrastructure when entering any global market without having to set up their own entities. This simply saves time, money, resources and also guarantees compliance.

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