Offering a better alternative to independent sales agent

Designated remote sales personnel: sell through independent sales agents yet managing and controlling them as if they were your company employees

It is commonly known that exporting adds up to your business stability and serves as a good source of increasing your sales potential as it expands the “pie” that you earn money from. However, when it comes to implementing the idea of breaking into the foreign markets, there is a number of steps to start with and, if you are lucky enough, continue taking to expand in the export markets.

So, what does exporting actually start with?

Surprisingly, exporting is rarely linked to employment solutions. This is despite the fact that at the initial stage it greatly depends on people company chooses to cooperate with, whether they are its international partners or sales personnel representing their products overseas.

Exporters are often stuck trying to make up the best way of a foreign market entry, searching partnerships, considering all economic factors, investing into various market researches and deciding on a legal entity setup.

However, some export companies, small and medium businesses in particular prefer hiring independent sales reps as the first step. The first efforts in exporting are unlikely to bring enough work to justify putting a full-time sales force on the company’s payroll. Lack of local market knowledge threatens with costly mistakes and investing into well-paid sales personnel can make no sense with little or no demand for your product.

A rather cost-effective alternative is to work with the independent sales agent. He works on a commission basis and is paid only when the sale is made. Moreover, agents of this type generally possess expert knowledge your internal personnel may not always have. On the other hand, you should not count on their loyalty as they generally play on their accounts’ side and push the products with the best sales potential.

Our solution has a lot more to offer

Having spent 15 years assisting global companies with entry into our region, we have elaborated a far better alternative to independent sales reps or any other type of manufacturer’s agents or representatives. Designated sales reps or agents at your full disposal are responsible for launching and boosting your product sales in the chosen markets making your company market entry fast and easy. You gain profit from export market expansion enjoying all pluses of working with independent sales agents yet managing and controlling them as if they were your company employees. With our solution you benefit from a unique opportunity to start sales in any country of our region. At the same time, you instantly benefit from working directly with your dealers, importers and customers.

Our company acts as an Employer of Record for your agents freeing you from having to open your own legal entity/ ies in each chosen country and letting you reap the benefits of exporting to our region with minimum costs and no employment risks.

If you have once thought of cloning yourself to dispense your selling style, your touch within all targeted countries, a cloning machine is not what we can give you. However, what we can give is a reliable sales agent whose task is to present your product and your business in a range of countries, ramp up your product sales and provide international continuity you are so much striving for.

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