Portugal – Another Sweet Spot For Ukraine Expats

With their homeland in a state of upheaval and ravaged by war, many Ukrainians are fleeing with their families and their children to seek sanctuary in the EU. While many will find asylum in neighboring countries like Poland and Romania, others are expected to continue on to the European Union states, many of which have been flooded in recent years by refugees from the Middle East.

One nation that is somewhat off the beaten path is Portugal, a smaller nation nestled to the west of Spain on the Atlantic coast. While Portugal is a greater trek for Ukrainian refugees than other EU nations, Portugal’s high quality of life may offer opportunities that cannot be found in larger, more populous EU nations.

In response to Ukraine’s Russian conflict, the Portuguese government is offering Ukraine refugees humanitarian visas upon arrival at the airport, along with taxpayer and social security numbers. This generous act allows Ukraine expatriates to enter and remain in Portugal without a Schengen visa, and to pursue employment there.

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