Seemed impossible, real now: unmissable opportunities of employment outsourcing

As businesses rapidly grow, the challenges for them multiply daily. Competition rises with increasingly simpler and broader ways of starting a business, cash reserves are required to meet all obligations and handle arising downturns, projects, both short- and long-term, may involve participants from different time zones and speaking several foreign languages. When it comes to employees required to do the job, they may literally live anywhere in the world.

Trends like that give rise to increasing popularity of outsourcing. According to Deloitte’s survey, the market has seen a significant increase in outsourcing consumption in 2014. As I am focusing in this article on employment outsourcing as well as opportunities that it gives, I am providing the figures from the report about this sector specifically. Of the 140 companies from nearly 30 countries, 38% are planning to outsource Human Resources functions in the nearest future compared to only 13% currently outsourcing.

It is actually no wonder. With geographically dispersed teams gaining more and more popularity, companies, on the one hand, free internal resources for the key business purposes whereas access a pool of talent and outside expertise that are not available internally, on the other hand. Gone are the days when you needed your team to live in the same location in order to work effectively.

So, what unique opportunities beyond being a valid means of cost reduction and flexibility does employment outsourcing give?

  • Turning the world into a small place. The world of business is continually shrinking. Real-time audio and visual communication as well as online translation tools allow for cooperating with colleagues on the other side of the world in a 24/7 environment. Even small companies can operate internationally with outsourcing agreements and partners overseas thus stepping at the heels of large corporations who used to be leaders of global markets expansion.
  • Access to exceptional capabilities and shortage of skills reduction or elimination. You receive a much greater return on investment when you outsource to the firm or a group of professionals that specialize in the areas you need. Instead of using the knowledge of only one employee, you benefit from the collective availability of skills.
  • Unmatched speed. Projects generally do not wait until you hire the right people. Speed matters because if you are not fast, your competitors will be because customers expect companies to be fast. Having numerous overseas partners enables you to stay relevant and competitive, offer better services and often better prices too as well as accelerate the procedures that steal your time.
  • Opportunity to get long-term profit from external markets the internal one would never give thus achieving long-term security and sustainability.

Irrespective of what opportunities you may be seeking, our unique employment outsourcing solutions can be of help. In a shrinking world, projects are expanding, so we have developed our solution to meet the growing need in international personnel management. We help companies instantly enter or start serving in 190+ emerging markets.

We assist export companies in FMCG, Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals as well as IT and Telecom companies with their entry to our region in search of new business opportunities and outside expertise. We also help international IT and Telecom contractor recruitment agencies meet the needs of their clients fully and compliantly.

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