The Future of Work: Top 3 insights from World Economic Forum in Davos

For the first time in history, there are more jobs than people to fill those jobs! Clearly, getting the right employees is critical to the rise of a business. Nowadays, however, there has been a shift in a paradigm of decisions that lead up to employment. Not least among the reasons for that stand the existing so called skills crisis as well as a changing skills landscape, – the world’s top business leaders note.

Today, employees need to demonstrate good communication skills if they want to be promoted by their current employers. At CISCO, for example, all the decisions about promotions are based on the quality of communication and presentation skills. Those who demonstrate at least 4 on a 5-point scale are considered as candidates for promotion. The logic here is simple: promotion always means managing people or managing a large number of people. The skill of communicating with people (and not just that of doing part of your job well) becomes principal. Employers value communication skills because they allow employees to tailor their language up to the audience they are addressing, work properly in groups and write clearly and concisely.

Organizations able to boast their employees with strong soft skills that let them listen, collaborate with others, communicate with team members and present ideas have healthy, cooperative and productive workplaces. In the blog published at Vervoe soft skills – emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills like communication and empathy – are defined as the Holy Grail of recruiting and seen as a better predictor of success than hard skills. So, we highly recommend you to attract and retain exactly those people who have good communication skills.

Beside soft skills that are curtailed in the era of digitalization, specific hard skills need to be developed and applied in completely new – future – ways. Below we list a few insights, mainly from World Economic Forum in Davos 2019 on developing and applying both sets of skills. These are to help businesses like YOURS take your companies to a new level.

Attract and Retain employees smarter than you. All along, entrepreneurs were slaves to the misconception that the leader of a company should be the smartest to control the flock. However, this assumption has long been cast aside with the world best leaders admitting that to experience growth, you should hire more intelligent people than yourself. As soon as you go ahead and embrace smarter people in your organization, you prevent slowing your organization by your own limitations. By hiring smarter team members, you can build up your business with the strengths backed by the thoughts and ideas of these smart individuals. Rule number one: help people to be better than you are.

Employ based on skills not on geography. Previously, companies had been limited to hoping they could find team members with the right skill sets, in the right locations. Today, geographic limitations should be the least of your worries when it comes to global employment. By having more skilled people, your progress will surely skyrocket as you will finish projects faster and innovation will always be ongoing. Thanks to innovative Global Employer of Record (GEOR) Services companies can now hire and compensate the right talent with the right skill sets anywhere in the world, without having to open own legal entities or worry about bureaucratic red tape in these target countries. Not only are you able to get the right team but acquire the best from all over the world. Rule number two: skills are crucial today, and even more important than borders.

Invest in training your team and your employees. In today’s competitive world it’s not limited to only having smart and skilled employees. Investing in employee training is critical for you to reap much sweeter fruits in the future. By providing corporate training to your overseas team, you can install in them your culture and align them all to the company’s goals.

By using a GEOR service you as an actual employer can deliver any needed training to your team overseas. We, at Acumen International, provide a risk-free, fast and reliable global employment solution, we employ foreign workers on your behalf. Our goal is to make it easy for your business to expand to overseas markets and retain the best world’s talent by providing a 100% compliant international employment service. Thus, you are free to focus on developing your strategy, updating your employees’ overall skills, fostering and transferring your company culture overseas.

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