The Role of Virtual Foreign Subsidiary in IT

If you are an IT & Telecom startup/established company, IT & Telecom recruiting agency or IT & Telecom Contractor seeking ways to eliminate shortage of skills and hire the best talent, connect corporations with contractors and easily place talent abroad or become employed instead of working as a freelancer, you should consider using a Virtual Foreign Subsidiary solution.

Virtual Foreign Subsidiary solution helps eliminate the challenges of having remote specialists work for you remotely by helping you have access to the best IT team extension that fully meet your needs, and by providing you with full support which includes office rental, equipment, business trips while you stay in control of the costs.

By the means of our virtual employee subsidiary solutions, Acumen International will be able to employ your Own Dedicated Team of IT specialists in software design, development, testing and support, establish interactive global IT teams for you and ensure a good lasting relationship between you and your workforce. This will enable you to work directly with the best world IT professionals to reach a higher level of productivity than you would ever achieve employing local talent only.

Using our Virtual Foreign Subsidiary will enable you to control costs on technical, human and administrative elements, focus on profit and productivity, while engaging highly qualified IT talent, sharing, teaching and learning from cross-team expertise.

Also, you will be able to create synergy and close relationships between your dedicated IT team and your corporate culture, keep your IT specialists focused on the work with an end-to-end comprehensive HR and administrative management, as well as build sustainability with minimum investment or risk.

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