Think Employers-Workers’ Sync: Company Perks of the Future

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Companies that clearly view their future tend to attract and retain top talent. Let’s see what helps them lure and engage their key personnel. What assets or ‘carrots’ do they offer to perk up their staff? And more importantly, is it and is it ALL professionals want today? How do the offered and the wanted coincide?

The research by global staffing firm Robert Half differentiates between benefits, incentives and perks.

Benefits are significant, the survey says, and most companies offer the two most wanted employee benefits: health insurance and paid time off, including vacation, sick days and paid holidays. The most desired incentive for workers surveyed is bonuses. 44 percent of employers surveyed said they offer annual or biannual bonuses to employees. Profit-sharing plans and sign-on bonuses are also highly sought by candidates though not so highly offered by employers.

While employers’ offerings have a strong lead with regard to benefits, the disconnect between the offered and the wanted grows not to favor employees when it comes to incentives. This discrepancy also grows dramatically when we deal with perks. As the name of the survey goes — Employers and Workers not in Sync on Popular Office Perks. Perks are becoming quite perky for employers, if we can say so. Agree?

However, the gist is in synchronizing the workers’ expectations with what you can offer. Only employers finding the best possible balance between what they can offer, and the employees’ wants can and will become Employers of the Future. The most forward-thinking companies tend to not just meet but exceed the workers’ expectations.

Not only do Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other global companies offer all-inclusive food and beverages in the office and various on-site services but also emerging companies adopt new, sometimes really surprising, perks.

The 15 Coolest Emerging Company Perks to Watch for in 2019 list by Kelly Main, a staff writer at Fit Small Business, ranges interesting company bennies that organizations are offering employees in the upcoming year and beyond.

Just a few ones we find most interesting:

PAWternity. Companies offer paid time off — pawternity leave — to new pet parents.

Pet Health Insurance.

Pet Bereavement Time. Saying goodbye to a pet without using sick time.

Egg Freezing & Fertility Treatments. Those who want children, Kelly Main writes, but have difficulty getting pregnant can now get support from their employers with fertility-related benefits. That’s really helpful for those in need, though it’s a perk no one would ever like to use. It is now offered by well-known companies, such as Spotify, Snapchat, Starbucks as well as the city of Baltimore and John Hopkins University.

So, new ways to attract and retain talent are doing good to both employers and employees, and they will. Offering innovative, often unique company perks is already becoming one of the hiring trends 2019 and the years to come. It will definitely help your business do without the carrot and stick approach at all, your staff more engaged and hard-working. That’s the way to coin a dream of a company — Employer of the Future — out of your business.

In terms of the future in global hiring, the most valuable asset you can offer as an employer is providing 100% compliance when hiring your overseas personnel.

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