Tired of fighting an uphill battle of HR compliance pitfalls, Global HR Compliance solutions have got you covered!!

Every international project relating to global expansion requires certain information before, during and after it is started. This helps companies already operating or just planning to expand globally make sure that all their operations are carried out in a manner that will not expose them to unnecessary risks, hence boosting their confidence and certainty level.

Surprisingly, many companies planning to operate in foreign markets do not know that one person is now enough to represent their business overseas, hence making them – both large multinationals, and small companies or individuals face a huge lack of information and support on global employment, taxation and immigration, especially if it is about projects that require that their workforce is sent on international assignments.

Having spotted this growing need for up-to-date information about complaint global workforce employment process, Acumen International has responded to it with our Global HR Compliance services. We act as an information service for corporate clients, agencies, and individual contractors and freelancers. We give professional useful advice on local employment laws, implied compliance risks, and expats immigration nuances to work out the most cost-effective, yet compliant and risk-free solution for you. Our objective is to assist you with Global HR compliance issues and offer you the best payment and taxation options. With this, we save you the time and effort that come with trying to understand the complicated regulations and tax calculations that are often written in the local languages and subject to frequent changes. We also provide information about the best scenarios of expat immigration and employment.

With our expertise in our Global HR Compliance solutions, we will become your single provider that will solve your global business challenges and save you the seemingly unavoidable costs of HR compliance. Our team of English-speaking professionals work 24/7 to ensure that we assist you by working out tailored labor solutions (whenever you have the need) that are managed legally and in full compliance with the local employment laws, regardless of your time zone.

Use our solutions to easily satisfy your need for skilled professionals in whatever industry you work around the globe and, in turn, improve your chances of sustainable success.

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