Work permits and global PEO for expats vs Immigration Service: Key Differences

Work permit, visa and immigration support for hiring expats globally through a PEO solution
Building an international workforce pays off in a lot of key ways, from helping you generate a good starting point in new markets to insulating yourself against trends in one country. So, with that in mind, here are some essential points for employers hiring expats to be mindful of.

Easy And Hard Countries To Get Work Permits In

Generally, easier countries to work in are either already popular expat destinations or have minimal requirements to get a permit. On the other hand, more difficult countries may either have rigid/long processing periods or may be difficult to access due to existing diplomatic issues or international sanctions.

Why Use A Global PEO Solution And Immigration Support For Hiring Expats Overseas?

If you are targeting one of these harder countries or just need a work permit support in order to employ foreigners in other locations, a global PEO solution for hiring expats is a solid fit.

A global PEO service provider is essentially a company that technically “hires” expats in the host country for your company. Your company still has ultimate control on directives, hiring, and firing, the PEO solution just helps on the logistical/compliance side of things.

Here are some notes on why a Global PEO service like Acumen’s solution is so useful for companies in this situation:

Ease of use: We can sponsor work permits and visas, and help employers hire foreigners in over 190 countries, saving you the time of handling complicated immigration procedures.
Not an immigration service: In essence, our global PEO service is a B2B option, while your conventional immigration service provider is B2C. This means we can sponsor work permits on the companies’ (corporate clients’) behalf so that they are able to officially work with expats whenever and wherever it is needed.
Guided support for immigration: All clients will know what documents they need to submit during the immigration procedure.
Minimizing visa rejection: It’s far easier to get work permits for your expat team when you have a single entity sponsoring the permits and officially employing them.

What we need to make absolutely clear is that a service like Acumen’s global PEO is quite different from conventional immigration services, not just in function, but for purpose. Most immigration services are based around providing support for those who are looking to move abroad and find work. Most of the time, this work is low-skill jobs, and there may be outside factors precipitating the move.

However, at Acumen, we are specifically targeting high-skilled workers that already have employers in the country. Our services are not about trying to connect international workers to jobs, but making it easier for companies to facilitate working with the workers they already have or new candidates they have just selected.

Important! One additional point that bears mentioning is that if a company sponsors a work permit then employs a person in the country, the chances are higher for them to get a permit.

The Differences In Action

Let’s take a look at the differences between a company like Acumen’s support of a work permit, visa support for hiring expats, and a conventional immigration service.

Acumen Immigration Support + Global PEO

  • Designed to work with employers that already have the expat candidates they want to work with
  • Work with individuals that have an official employer in a given country, that will pay for immigration, employment, and often official benefits.

Immigration Services

  • Are designed more for individuals that are looking to go abroad, find a job, then stay there (often in that order)

In essence, a global PEO service is a B2B option, while your conventional immigration service provider is B2C. They serve two very different groups. In addition, as mentioned earlier, a PEO service solely focuses on high-skilled personnel already employed by a company, making the work of managing an international team easier.

When looking for the ideal option to set up, work permit, hire and payroll expatriate personnel, Acumen International is the ideal match. Along with providing service your conventional immigration service can’t, we also cover additional features. These include business support for your company to meet foreign needs, as well as avoiding the headache of getting different quotes from different providers, sometimes with a language barrier in place.

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