Acumen International Provides Immigration Support and PEO Services for a Client Hiring in Vietnam

No one could have predicted how the recent global pandemic would forever alter the way international companies hire and employ the world’s top talent. Pandemic-imposed travel restrictions and safety precautions, coupled with advances in technology, have dramatically changed the way global businesses hire and onboard the most qualified job candidates to meet their specific business needs. 

It is no accident that Acumen International was already on the cutting edge of the global employment revolution, with innovative solutions designed to streamline the transition from on-site to remote work. 

When a Singapore-registered digital community platform approached us for help in hiring a US national in Vietnam, our forward-thinking team of international employment experts was ready and able to rise to the challenge, with PEO services and immigration support.

The Client  

Our client is a digital community platform registered in Singapore, but with no physical office in that country. Their remote-only business model enabled them to hire the best talent for their needs in various locations around the globe. 

The client company needed to fill the position of Chief Technical Officer for Remote Work. They had already found the ideal candidate, a US National who had previously worked in Vietnam, and had obtained work and residence permits when employed with another company. 

The client turned to Acumen International for help in obtaining new permits, and compliantly onboarding and compensating their chosen candidate.

The Initial Challenge

The client needed to provide their candidate with new work and residence permits, but rigid COVID restrictions in Vietnam made it difficult for companies to hire US expats. The candidate wanted assurance that he would be hired compliantly, and that non-mandatory health insurance benefits would be part of his compensation package. 

The client’s CEO contacted Acumen International to help with PEO services, to manage monthly payroll and provide supplemental medical insurance. They also needed immigration support, to help obtain the appropriate permits. 

The Solution

Acumen stepped up to the challenge by first scouring the local immigration offices in Vietnam, to find the most responsive one, in the most suitable location for the candidate. 

We then provided the client with step-by-step instructions to meet immigration requirements, and kept them and the candidate in the loop as the immigration process moved forward. 

Meanwhile, we arranged all necessary paperwork for compliant onboarding, and clarified the local taxation requirements. We also arranged for provision of the requested supplemental medical insurance, at a highly competitive cost.

A New Challenge

Despite fully satisfying the client’s initial request, negotiations hit a snag when the client made an additional request. They wanted Acumen, as a Global PEO service provider, to discount our service fee by 5% of the candidate’s gross salary, based on the service fees of their previous PEO provider.

The Acumen team brainstormed to come up with the best possible solution. We were able to not apply the 10% local VAT tax to the total invoice, giving us enough wiggle room to provide the requested discount. 

We were also able to demonstrate to the client that our fees would save them $1500 USD per month ($18,000 per year), compared to the fees of their previous PEO provider. 

In addition, we explained the difference between their previous provider, who was basically a payroll company, and the broader services provided by Acumen, which encompass greater attention and a more complex approach to the unique needs of our clients and their employees.

What Our Satisfied Client Received

As usual, the Acumen team was able to rise to the challenges posed by our client. We provided:

  • Immigration support to obtain work and residence permits for the job candidate;
  • A compliant global employment solution that includes payroll management and benefits provision; 
  • A total savings of $18,000 USD per year, with more expansive services than the client’s previous provider.

Acumen International Meets Global Employment Needs in a Rapidly Changing Business Environment

As a recognized global leader in international employment solutions, Acumen International is trusted by global businesses for services in 190 countries. We are committed to staying one step ahead of the industry, setting the highest standards for global employment solutions. 

Whether you need PEO services to compliantly hire and payroll your existing workforce, or you are looking for a partner who can help you expand your business abroad without risk of compliance violations, Acumen International can help you reach your goals. Contact Acumen International today, and see how our innovative solutions can help you grow your business in 190 countries, worldwide.

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