Assisting Our German Client With Hiring A Belgian Citizen In Dubai, UAE


Our German client, one of the largest European IT Software development companies, designs apps and services for Mac users. They wanted to improve their sales in the United Arab Emirates. They already had five sales people selling their software in Dubai, who were all local citizens Acumen International had previously employed for the client.

The client needed to hire an experienced international sales manager who would be in charge of an overall sales procedure, and manage the local sales team. They found a highly-skilled specialist in Belgium whose expertise aligned with their requirements. He was self-employed and worked for a number of Belgian companies as well as some multinational firms. Our client asked us to help them to transfer this contractor to Dubai.


Given that the client needed to send an expat to Dubai, we advised the client to choose the employment solution, not hire him as a contractor. Otherwise the client wouldn’t be able to get a work permit for their foreign worker in the UAE, because the company that sponsors work permits would need to actually employ the foreigner after he received his permit. So the client chose to employ the specialist. But when they told him he would need to stop contracting if they were to move him to Dubai, he objected. He didn’t want to stop being an independent contractor, because he enjoyed the opportunity to work on several projects simultaneously. However, he was lured by the prospect of moving to the UAE, and he agreed to become their employee.


Our solution helped the client transfer the worker they needed from Belgium to Dubai in the best possible way. An important benefit for our client was that they now had an employee completely focused on selling their product. They are able to control his schedule, assess his performance, and set daily tasks, which would have been impossible had they chosen to work with a contractor.

Acumen International continues to support this company in Dubai. And as a result of their positive experience in the UAE, our client has also decided to hire employees in other countries with our help.


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