Delivering Fast, High Impact, and Compliant On-Boarding Programs

If you hire a global workforce, and need your international employees onboarded fast to hit the ground running, you need to know how you can hire and pay employees worldwide, while being 100% compliant with different in-country legislations, all within record time!

At Acumen International, we provide our Express Global Employment solution, assuring that our clients’ new project employees are onboarded within 72 hours. This is our company commitment to our clients. When working with us, you get the quality assurance of working with the fastest Global Employer of Record solution in 190 countries. That’s right, 190! Our company’s geographic coverage and local expertise is vast, and our knowledge of each context is in-depth and up to date.

How does it work? Here’s one case study of our Global Workforce management:

Challenge: Our client, headquartered in the US wanted to expand into four countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and Slovakia, with a total of 12 employees. Due to varying timelines and time differences, we were operating within a tight deadline; one day to be precise. We had one day to prepare for the project. Preparation entailed: gathering all documents from employees, checking and validating their documents, preparing the agreements, confirming terms of agreements with both the employees and the client, disseminating agreements to employees and getting them signed. To throw a curveball into the situation, we received a request for a new hire onboarding in Peru from the same company at 7:30 PM and had to complete the assignment within seven hours. When working to deliver onboarding solutions for organizations, we strive to ensure that we take the shortest amount of time possible and deliver a high-impact program that enables employees to become familiar with the organization and for the organization to be compliant with the country’s employment laws. Our goals going into this particular project were to deliver a high quality and comprehensive onboarding experience to the employees and enable them with needed resources to hit the ground running in the new company.

Our Solution: All deliverables were provided on time! We were able to gather key data from the company’s prospective employees. Given that the company had already obtained data from the employees during the recruitment cycle, the first item on our checklist was completed quickly. Next, we went in to validate the employees’ documents by cross-checking references, educational backgrounds, and professional qualifications. We were then able to prepare comprehensive employee profiles for the company, and this prepared us to making complimentary agreements based on their qualifications. During this step, our research in the local country’s legal stipulations and regulations of employment was robust. We leveraged our in-country expertise in legal regulations on employment. This enabled us to develop comprehensive and compliant agreements and contracts. This is a critical area of delivery to our clients, for we want to deliver robust and holistic services to save them time and avoid potential legal problems. Once complete, we touched base with our on-ground local team to organize a new hire onboarding. We shared with them the employees’ titles and key touch points which they would need to get started. We also communicated key organizational values and expectations so that new hires would be aware of behavioral expectations in addition to performance and resource orientation.

Results: Despite vast time differences which played into the delivery of outcomes (GMT+2, GMT-5, GMT-8) we were able to deliver full employee set-up for the organization. Within six hours (in case with Peru), we had managed to: agree on commercials, sign an addendum to the service agreement, organize a new hire onboarding, contact the employee and get all the required information, prepare the draft of the contract, agree on the draft by the Employee and the Client, get the draft of the contract signed.

This specific case best describes what Acumen International is up to and how we can best help you enter new countries and hire and pay your foreign workers. All in all, it took us 72 hours to employ 13 employees for our client on two different continents, with Peru taking us a record scope of 6 hours. At Acumen International, we always try to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of the quality of deliverables and timeframe. For this particular project, we were able to complete the project within the stipulated 72 hours and delivered a comprehensive onboarding program. Those 72 hours make up Acumen’s Express Global Employment solution. We try to break all possible records in satisfying your needs. Our commitment to quality and efficiency in delivering solutions is what makes us unique.

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