Employment and payroll for 5 US citizens in Norway for the US IT company

A US-based IT company had a client in Norway that wanted the company’s team to install airport software for them locally in Oslo and provide support too. To serve its client in Oslo, the IT company needed to employ five US citizens in Norway for 6 months.

The company had no local entity in Oslo and they didn’t find it viable to set up its own entity for a mid-term project like this. So they faced the challenge of how to bring their specialists to Norway and have them work on the client’s premises in full compliance with the in-country labor legislation and without the need to set up its own company for that.

The company contacted Acumen International for help. We sponsored work permits for the company’s expatriates, assisted with opening local bank accounts and registered the employees with local statutory bodies. We offered the client our Express Global Employment solution, which helped us onboard the employees within only 72 hours in Norway after the work permits have been received. We took care of the monthly payroll and provided the benefits to the employees on our client’s behalf.

With our help, the IT company fulfilled its contract terms on time and remained fully compliant when hiring workforce globally.

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