Employment Without a Legal Entity Setup: Providing an NGO With A Solution To Retain Employees Post Company Shutdown


The client is a Non-Governmental Institution headquartered in Washington, USA; a conservation-centric environmental Organization.

The company representative turned to Acumen for “payroll in Bolivia”. The negotiation development has shown the company were closing their own business entity in Bolivia and therefore needed a full-fledged employment solution for their candidate.

The Challenge

For Acumen, critical tasks at hand were:

  • recalculating employee’s entire payroll
  • keeping all the prior benefits and bonuses, both statutory and voluntary
  • prepare a draft and sign a new contract – Acumen service agreement
  • maintain timesheet records

The complete list of employee benefits and bonuses included:

  • Compensation
  • Occupational Risk contribution
  • Pension Fund commission
  • Health Insurance
  • Vacations
  • Employer solidarity contribution
  • First Christmas Bonus
  • Second Christmas Bonus


At the time of the appeal, the company had its own entity in place, which they decided to terminate. Therefore, they came looking for a substitute solution where they could transfer their employees.

In Bolivia, as in other Latin American countries, each and every employee is entitled to a string of severance payments and statutory allowances of sorts (as can be seen in the abstract above).

It was crucial to recalculate employee payroll completely and still keep the benefits package as accurate as it was before.

The task was completed swiftly and compliantly. As soon as a service contract was signed the responsibility for employment, onboarding, payroll, communication with the employee was transferred over to Acumen. The client was incredibly relieved at seeing how quickly and effectively the complex task was completed.


A critical facet of this success story is the company had no idea such things as a Global PEO model at all existed. They were not even aware of international employment outsourcing being legal and doable to meet their needs and keep current employees in Bolivia even after they liquidated their own business entity. They questioned the option of leveraging the expertise of an “agency” of this kind within their industry.

The cherry on top of this cake is the fact that three months later this same client requested one more employment round for a local employee in Africa. The company grew fond of discovering Acumen’s simple and incredibly facilitating approach to global employment and payroll

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