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Global expansion: Helping our client with work permit in Latvia

Our client is a producer of the ophthalmologic equipment headquartered in the USA, Chicago. We have been working with this client for more than 5 years so far. Initially the company needed to find and onboard two sales representatives for the short-term project in Poland. We have found the candidates that fully aligned with the client’s requirements. We signed employment agreements with them, meaning we became the legal employer for them and employed them in Poland on our client’s behalf. The most important thing for the client was the employment agreement as it guaranteed that the employees would dedicate 100% of their time to the company’s product. Should the employee leave the company, the customer base he has built during his work with the company would belong to our client.

With our help, the company has enhanced its global activity significantly for the last 5 years. We have launched projects in Latvia and Russia and enrolled 12 sales people for them. We have employed 6 people in Russia too. Our company has created the appropriate working conditions for the employees: we rented offices, provided car leasing and insurance for the employees and their family members. Also, we have provided the employees with the corporate credit cards, which they used to cover expenses for business trips instead of spending their own funds. By doing so, we gave the employer an opportunity to get detailed reporting on their expenses. We were in charge of all administrative issues and managed the payments, which saved the employer time and effort. The employer was only required to pay a monthly invoice, which included all employee’s salaries, expenses and remuneration.

The client company has changed area managers every 2 years according to the company’s policy, and a new manager could only be hired to work in a certain region if he had never been in charge of it before. Therefore, the company decided to hire a Russian national to develop business in Latvia. As a result, we sponsored a work permit for this employee and we onboarded him in full compliance with local labor rules and regulations, and provided a residence permit too. With our work permit and immigration solution, we were able to relocate his wife to Latvia too as the employee would only agree to relocate on condition that his wife would go with him.

Our client is planning to expand to Georgia next year by using Employer of Record service to do local hires there. We are very proud that our service helps companies enter new markets and to reach their global goals.

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