Helping a US-based multinational medical safety producer employ and reward its sales team in Italy before incorporation in the country.

One of our clients, a US-based multinational medical safety and protective equipment producer decided to open its office in Italy to expand its operations into the Italian market.

The company has selected several sales people in Rome to represent the company in Southern Europe. The company wanted them to start working immediately before the entire process of legal entity setup is completed. They needed a company, which would take care of their local sales team in Italy, organize monthly payroll for them and administer the whole scope of expenses linked with their sales activities.

We at Acumen International have onboarded the employees on our client’s behalf in full compliance with the Italian labor legislation.

We have registered them with the local statutory organizations and put them on our payroll. We rented an office for the client’s sales team, provided them with laptops and cell phones, and organized car lease. We also handled business expenses for the areal sales managers whose job required travelling to several neighboring countries to grow sales in those markets as well.

Later when the company acquired a large local client, the company needed to send a specialist from its home office to Italy to support the client on-site and provide day-to-day consulting about the company’s equipment.
We guided them through the whole procedure of work permit issuance, prepared the required documents and employed the person right after he’s received a work permit.

Finally, when the client’s entity was established in Italy, we have transferred the company’s employees on its entity in Rome. The transitioning went smoothly with minimum effort on the client’s end.

By doing all of the above, we reduced the cumbersome global HR procedure to a single monthly invoice for our client.

Currently we employ the company’s employees in other countries where they do not have their own entities.

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