How To Liquidate Your Foreign Legal Entity, While Retaining Your Sales Employees


A food & beverages company has been selling its product in the market of Iran some time before it realized that the fixed cost of maintaining their own legal entity to employ a single employee did not outweigh the benefits. Compliance was a bottleneck as were the costs to maintain a legal entity in Iran. However, they had a strategic interest in the Iranian market and didn’t plan to stop operating there. For this reason, they still wanted to retain the employee.


We offered them an alternative to hiring a foreign in-house sales force and employed the Iranian employee through our Express Global Employment solution. This gave the company an opportunity to liquidate their legal entity in Iran fast and easy.


By using our solution, the company managed to reduce overhead cost by 50%. They decided to use our solution in several other markets as well. We are now employing people for this company in Iran, two Caribbean countries and one African country.

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