Providing a client with a more cost-efficient Global PEO solution, alternative to opening a costly foreign subsidiary and hiring directly


Our client, a US-based international trade company, had to provide a candidate for the role of Communications Coordinator to work with local authorities and communities in Niger (the Zinder region) in the framework of activities on improving food and nutrition security in the country.

Initially, the client planned to set up an entity in the country as their only existing option. They collected a list of documents and planned further step-by-step moves in that direction.

They addressed us for advice on setting up the company’s subsidiary.

The CHALLENGE comprised in the fact that the process of a company’s incorporation in Niger is not just an easily done ‘check-box’ item. Not only is your own legal entity creation in this country costly, it’s also time consuming and risky: as in our client’s case, you consider as the only possible option the thing you’ve never done before. In which case, you’re not insulated against all possible risks that may arise, as incorporating in the country brings with it certain legal procedures and norms that need to be observed.

A quick example: depending on its type (LLC, PLC, Branch), setting a company up in Niger takes a minimum scope of 3 to 5 weeks. It will demand from you time and knowledge of all the in-country details to choose the optimal corporate structure to incorporate in Niger.


We proposed a more efficient option — to hire the client’s employee via Acumen’s International PEO and Payroll (Global PEO) solution. Since they were starting from one employee, it was an ideal solution for them.

What Acumen International provided:

  • compliant in-country employment (employment agreement signed, the initial terms and conditions set and fixed for 3 years of the project duration)
  • medical and life insurance
  • 13th salary provided (according to local law)


We at Acumen International managed to decrease the total invoice amount for our client without applying a local VAT. So, we offered the client the best pricing.

As a result, the company is planning to hire 2 more employees in Niger via our Global PEO solution.

All this was possible because of Acumen International’s Global PEO service. At Acumen we provide risk-free, fast and reliable global employment solutions, serving over 190+ countries and constantly growing. We aim at making it easy for businesses to expand to overseas markets by providing a hassle free, 100% compliant international employment service.
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