Selling more than just a local solution but rather a unique opportunity to streamline global growth


Our Client is a manufacturing company headquartered in the USA with numbers of branches all over the world. We started to serve a branch located in LATAM by providing PEO support in New Caledonia. The client has been so happy with our PEO services that they keep hiring us to handle branches in multiple countries.


We were surprised by getting a request for PEO services in the Middle East from this company’s European branch, which had never heard of our cooperation with the other branch of the same company. They simply found us on the internet without having a clue that our solution is already being used by their colleagues from another continent.


We successfully launched the project in Middle East. Given the client’s positive experience in New Caledonia, Acumen International has been approved by company’s headquarters in the USA. We became a single provider of our PEO solution for this client in many of the 180 + countries that we cover. This was a win-win solution as it gave us more business.


Sharing is caring. In our fast-changing environment, we are all overloaded with information and advertising hype, this phrase plays out in fresh colors.
By sharing within your corporation information about what solutions your branch is using can add more value to your company. In addition, by doing so you become an innovator and a trendsetter, while adding to the strategic side of your company’s activities.

Imagine how great it will be if a company with multiple legal entities in various countries and with thousands of employees can rely on one trusted PEO provider, whose services can streamline the fragmented approach separate branches of the same company may be using today.

By using one global PEO solution provider in 180+ countries, you can cut branches’ involvement in researching, vetting, verification, and engagement of multiple vendors.

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