US-Based company to Begin Massive project in Saudi Arabia Without Establishing their own Legal Entity


Our client is a producer of solar constructions, headquartered in the US who is wanting to expand into the Saudi Arabia market with a massive project. They have recruited expat engineers from Western Europe who need to be transferred to the Middle East. The client has been considering the option of setting up their own legal entity or using a PEO solution in order to start running the project in Saudi Arabia. They need to enter the market smoothly and quickly.

The challenge was that in order to set up a legal entity in Saudi Arabia, it would take the client about 1.5-2 years to establish a company and obtain the required visas for the expats. In addition, they would need to hire at least 1 Saudi national for each 3 expats. The process can take even longer than that and be more cumbersome due to all the governmental related delays.

It is not easy to get visas for Polish people in Saudi Arabia, as it is not a common nationality for expat employees and the expanded country is considerably conservative and strict. The cost per visa is more than $7,000.

Our client did not have the time to spend years to set up legal entity and get work permits for their engineers. They needed their engineers to start the construction project in Saudi Arabia within the shortest time possible.


Given that the client needed to transfer a number of expats to Saudi Arabia, we advised then to use our PEO solution and not to waste dozens of months and thousands of dollars setting up their own legal entity. It literally was not possible to expand into the Saudi Arabia Market without using a PEO solution. Otherwise the client wouldn’t be able to start running the project with their foreign employees there.

We suggested onboarding the client using our Global Employer of Record service. Under this arrangement, the engineers would be inducted as part of the Acumen International staff operating in Saudi Arabia. This would enable solar construction engineers to conduct massive projects in the foreign country.

Acumen International provided foreign employees with working permits to work within Saudi Arabia, a country with extremely severe inner legislation. All these procedures were carried out in full compliance with the local employment laws.


Our innovative PEO solution enabled the Polish expats to start developing a massive engineering project in Saudi Arabia without opening their own legal entity. At Acumen International, we provide a risk-free, quick and reliable global employment solution. We are a Global Employer of Record serving in 190 countries and employ foreign personals on your behalf and take up the responsibility of their welfare. Our goal is to make it easy for businesses to expand to overseas markets by providing a hassle free, 100% compliance international employment service. Using our express service, you can have your foreign workforce up and running in as little as a few days in any exotic or strict country, as Saudi Arabia, Oman, OAE etc. So, call us for a free no-obligation consultation on our service and employment of foreign workers.

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