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Visa, work permit & immigration support in China

Many companies from around the world see the potential of expanding their ventures in Asia. While China remains to be the most advanced economy in this region, businesses tend to take advantage of its infrastructure and benefit from it at most. Chinese economy has a strong intraregional focus so that the top Asian talents oftenly relocate across its huge area, making an effective contribution to the cultural meshwork. If you plan to hire an expatriate in China, Acumen International, a global employment organization, provides advanced immigration support and work permit sponsorship.

Leverage the benefits of expanding operations in China by hiring a top expatriate workforce using our solutions. We have years of experience in dealing with immigration issues, transforming the bothering procedure into a comprehensive practical solution. Let us handle for you all the visa and permits operations so that to leave you more space and time for sustainable development and growth. Acumen International uses the best practices for compliant employment in more than 190 countries and delivers this advancement to its clients.

We manage all aspects of immigration to ensure compliance with the local Labor and Immigration Code. You can benefit from our work permit & immigration support during international assignments as well as global business expansion.

Solution for global mobility of expats in China

Acumen’s global employment solution includes high-end immigration support and work permit sponsorship. Our dedicated team of professionals will take full control of all the aspects of your relocation and global mobility program, to ensure that your international employees get their documents ready for a business trip.

Regardless of the number of destination points, whether it is China or any other country, we will take care of the timely processing of your expat’s work permit and visa according to the standard duration of the immigration service process.

Learn more about the timelines requirements for getting a work permit in China below.

Estimated time for work permit issuance

The processing of work permit issuance in China takes 20-30 business days. And a further 3-7 days to obtain a Z-type working visa.

Major steps to get a work permit in China

  1. Application for Notification Letter of Work Permit
  2. Entry Visa Application
  3. Entry to China
  4. Temporary Residence Registration
  5. Work Permit Application
  6. Work-Type Residence Permit Application

Documents for work permit in China, main applicant

Name Notes
Passport Information and Signature Page
(for work permit)
Clear scanned copy
Proof of Work Experience
(for work permit)
CV, referrals from the previous employer, valid certificates
Digital Photo A digital passport photo.
Highest Educational Certificates
(for work permit)
The original and a scanned, notarized and legalized copy of the applicant’s highest educational diploma and/or certificates.
Non-criminal Records
(for work permit)
The original provided by the police or the justice department in the country of permanent residence, and a copy notarized and legalized by the Chinese Embassy in that country.
Medical Report
(for work permit)
May be required for the entry visa application
Travel document: Passport/ID
(for visa)
Valid for 12 months
Minimum 2 blanks
Maximum 10 years old
Must not contain illegible data
Undamaged condition
Visa Application Form V.2013
(for visa)
For many consulates, this should be completed online using the wizard at
1 Passport Photograph (China)
(for visa)
The photo must be exactly 33 mm wide and 48 mm high.
Work Permit
(for visa)

If you need to have your expat personnel legally work for you in China without having to set up your own business entity for that, trust us to assist you with work permit and immigration support, and then employ your expats locally on your behalf.

Contact our team to let us take up your foreign employees’ immigration matters and relieve you of the responsibility of getting work permit by working with our local partners to organize and obtain all the necessary permits, as well as provide you with a detailed update on the progress of the process.

Contact us for more details about how you can get a work permit for your expatriate staff and employ them through Acumen International in China.

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