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Immigration support for hiring expats in the Philippines via PEO

If you ever investigated operating within international markets by hiring the best talent, than our solution for work permit sponsorship and immigration support is a good way for you. Thanks to many years of experience, we have developed an excellent response to the needs of business expansion. Hiring an international workforce in the Philippines is no more an issue.

Acumen Int. has managed to help companies like yours to make their first steps during the intervention into foreign markets – it is now your turn to tap in the booming economies, increasing your revenues multiple times.

We offer employment solutions for expats in more than 190 countries, taking responsibility for obtaining a visa and work permit for your international workforce. We manage all aspects of immigration and enforce local laws and regulations on employment, freeing you from the hassle and procedures. Focus on daily business development goals instead of managing administrative tasks.

Use our work permit and immigration support in the following two ways:

  1. As a long-term solution allowing foreigners to work in full compliance with the law in the Philippines
  2. As an interim solution before establishing your own business entity in the Philippines

Solution for global mobility of expats in the Philippines

Acumen International can handle long-term international assignments for various types of candidates in the Philippines to give you freedom from the exposures and liabilities of hiring expatriate staff there. To help companies take the first steps toward international growth fast and risk-free, we have turned the burdensome immigration procedure into a practical solution, which can be tailored to the specific needs of your global mobility program.

With our expertise in global immigration support, we offer a comprehensive solution to ensure that your international employees get their work permits within the standard duration of the immigration processing in the Philippines. Learn more about the timelines requirements for getting a work permit in the Philippines below.

Estimated time for work permit issuance

Generally, the major steps, procedures and timeframe that are required to obtain a work permit in Philipines depend on the type of employment visa that is been applied for.

Types of employment pass in the Philippines and estimated time for work permit issuance

Depending on the situation and the purpose of obtaining work allowance, there several types of work permits in the Philippines.

Foreigners who wish to work in the Philippines have to secure a work visa, which from the Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration (BI) and Alien Employment Permit (AEP) issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Documents for work permit in the Philippines, main applicant

Work Permit type Terms and conditions Documents Required
Alien Employment Permit (AEP) It is not exactly a Work permit but a document to authorize further longterm working visa obtaining. Valid for up to three years.
Some groups of applicants are exempted from obtaining AEP (diplomatic and foreign government officials, representatives and owners of the POEA accredited companies, temporary foreign residents).
Complete Application form;
Photocopy of employee’s passport with a valid visa;
Copy of employment contract and related documents;
Photocopy of current AEP (if expired or expiring soon);
Photocopy of mayor’s permit or photocopy of business permit.
Type 9 (g) Visa
It is a typical employer-sponsored visa for high-skilled workers that are in a shortage within the local market. 9 (g) Visa allows work only for the sponsored employer and downgrades to a tourist status in case of employer change.
Valid for one, two, or three years but not longer than AEP. 9(g) can be reissued multiple times.
Notarized Certification of Number of Foreign and Filipino Employees of the employer
Complete Application form;
Copy of the employment contract and Articles of Incorporation (AOI);
Certified copy of AEP;
proof of the publication of the applicant’s AEP (original newspaper clippings of the list of approved AEP applications by DOLE or Certification of Publication issued by the Publisher);
BI clearance certificate;
Alien certificate of registration;
TreatyA 9 (D) Visa Trader’s Visa Issued for the citizens of the Philippines trade agreement partners (US, Japan, Germany). Valid for up to two years. Proof of at least US$120,000 investment in trade between Philippines and partner state;
Proof the intent to leave the country after the Contract expiration date;
Proof of the same nationality as employer or company’s main shareholder;
Proof of occupation of “Executive” or “Supervisor” position.
Work Permit
Allows working during the original work visa processing period. Valid up to six months, only if peered with AEP. Employment Contract;
Notarized copy of Passport with a valid visa;
Alien Employment Permit (AEP);
Letter request from petitioning company;
ITR of the company.
Special Work Permit
Apply for a short-term contract for up to six months. Originally issued for artists, athletes, etc. Valid with 9(a) tourist visa for three months, with possible three months prolongation. Letter request from petitioning company;
Notarized copy of applicant’s passport with a valid visa;
An Affidavit of Support of the Petitioning Company.
An authenticated true copy of employment contract specifying exact fiscal compensation to be earned.

If you need to have your expat personnel legally work for you in the Philippines without having to set up your own business entity for that, trust us to assist you with work permit and immigration support, and then employ your expats locally on your behalf.

Contact our team to let us take up your foreign employees’ immigration matters and relieve you of the responsibility of getting work permit by working with our local partners to organize and obtain all the necessary permits, as well as provide you with a detailed update on the progress of the process.

Contact us for more details about how you can get a work permit for your expatriate staff and employ them through Acumen International in the Philippines.

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