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Employ Candidates Compliantly in Tajikistan

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  2. Global PEO and Payroll
  3. Global HR Compliance
  4. Expand without a company set up
  5. Contractor vs. employee: which is better?
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Global Employer of Record (EOR) in Tajikistan

What Is a Global Employer of Record (EOR)?

Global Employer of Record (EOR) in Tajikistan comes in handy when businesses expanding globally face many challenges when properly onboarding employees in foreign countries. In most cases, compliance with local laws requires establishing a legal entity in the country where the business operates. This process can be costly, time-consuming, and potentially undesirable for many employers. With Acumen International by your side, you can easily manage your global employment and HR needs without worrying about the complexities involved. Partner with Acumen Global Employer of Record and let us help you ensure that your workforce is compliant and up-to-date across all jurisdictions.

How Does a Global Employer of Record Work?

If you’re looking to do business in a foreign country, it’s essential to make sure you’re compliant with local payroll laws. This is where an Employer of Record (EOR) can help. An Employer of Record (EOR) can act on your behalf to manage local employee-related matters such as payroll, tax deductions, and onboarding of new hires.

An EOR can provide a registered entity for running a local, compliant payroll, managing payroll taxes, benefits, compensations, deductions, social insurance, and employee information. An Employer of Record can guide you on the host country’s required notice periods, termination rules, and severance pays, saving thousands of dollars in lawsuits while freeing up HR from repetitive tasks.

With a global EOR partner, you can ensure that your business operates smoothly and legally in your new country of choice.

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Acumen International Complete Global EOR Solution

Acumen International is a leading provider of global HR services, offering secure and efficient solutions for businesses that need to manage international payroll, HR & benefits administration. Our full-service management solutions are tailored to each client’s needs and can include everything from legal talent employment to benefits management and compliance to payroll and taxation.

  • Processing Immigration requirements
  • Visa applications & extensions
  • Work permit sponsorships 
  • Streamline onboarding, benefits, payroll, PTO
  • Local labour law compliance
  • Audit-proof compliance requirements
  • Employee benefits management
  • Handling employment contracts, terminations, and compensation
  • Processing medical insurances and benefits
  • Payroll, including year-end tax statements 
  • Relocation services & housing  
  • Benefit management 
  • Special needs or requirements  
  • Multi-country employment without limitations 
  • Handling contract workers and ex-pat workforce management
  • Compliant employment or termination within 72 hours

Why Work with a Global Employer of Record in Tajikistan?

Payroll taxes and service fees can be an enormous burden for employers. Many companies use a Global EOR (Employer of Record) to help with these costs. PEOs typically charge a percentage of the total payroll, including employee insurance fees. It can be challenging to determine the actual costs for these services, especially when some employer taxes are only paid on wages up to a certain threshold.

1. Single Global Service Agreement

A global PEO can cover all your international projects within a single contract and add new employees and services as you expand your global workforce in new countries.

2. No Required Minimums

We accept projects of any length with any number of employees.

3. Flexible Pricing — Pay As You Grow

At Acumen, we adjust your pricing based on the project employee number, whether you need to scale up or down.

4. End-to-end Global Employment Solution

We manage all your global services, including employment, recruitment, immigration, legal and global HR consulting, saving you valuable time. And Acumen International covers the cost and saves you the effort of finding and selecting local employment-related service providers.

5. Avoid Lawsuits

If you don’t want to get sued, you should become a Global Employer of Record. Doing so limits your vulnerability to lawsuits by ensuring compliance procedures are followed, taxes are paid correctly, and payroll is appropriately managed.

6. Reduced Expenses

A global employer of record (EOR) will bundle the cost of payroll, benefits, and workers’ compensation onto one payroll. The EOR will also handle tax filing on your behalf. This means that you only pay one set fee per month for all services, which can save you time and money by preventing multiple invoices from being mailed to you.

7. Free Yourself From HR Hassles with a Global Employer of Record

When you partner up with a Global Employer of Record, you’ll have someone who’s always there to handle the small and large tasks that are going to come up in your HR department. You’ll never have to worry about filling out paperwork or managing new hires again—you can focus all your attention on growing your business. A Global Employer of Record will handle the HR headaches so you can concentrate on what really matters: your business.

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Global EOR Helps Test Foreign Markets without Local Incorporation

As a business owner, you may feel overwhelmed by the tax implications of expanding your business overseas. However, new ideas exist to reduce complexity and ease the burden on busy entrepreneurs. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways to reduce the complexity of tax planning for international expansion.

If you’re thinking about using a Global Employer of Record (EOR) talent engagement model for your business, it’s becoming increasingly popular. Here’s how it works: a third-party company operates a local entity in each jurisdiction where it offers services. This can be a great way to comply with various laws and regulations.

Here’s how the Employer of Record arrangement works. A new business owner approaches a global EOR company with the intent of hiring a remote worker based in a different jurisdiction. Rather than the business owner having to establish a new company or register a branch in Tajikistan, the employee can be employed by our local EOR company in Tajikistan. All attendant costs associated with this arrangement are then charged to the client company for a fee. This can be a more efficient and cost-effective way of doing business for both the employer and the employee. Many start-ups like this idea because it gives them the flexibility to focus on getting their business up and running.

Global Employment Services in Tajikistan

Businesses in the process of expanding globally often face challenges when it comes to compliantly onboarding employees in foreign countries. In most cases, legal compliance requires the establishment of a legal in-country business entity, a complex, costly and time-consuming process that many employers are not ready to undertake in Tajikistan.

To help your organization legally onboard and payroll a workforce in Tajikistan, Acumen International offers a global employment solution via our Global Employer of Record (EOR) designed to help you circumvent the legalities of direct hiring, eliminating the need for you to establish a legal entity in Tajikistan to conduct business there.

Global Employment Cycle — Recruitment. Onboarding. Management. Retention. Termination

Compliance and legal guidance at every step of the Global Employment Journey. 24/7 local support in Tajikistan.

1. Recruitment 2. Immigration 3. Checks 4. Onboarding 5. Payroll Administration 6. Working Time & PTO Processing 7. Benefits Administration 8. Tax Administration & Reporting 9. Offboarding
Talent skilled in highly-specialized areas Employee Work Visa and Work Permit sponsorship Health checks Employment Agreement drafting In-country registration with statutory bodies Working hours Mandatory Benefits Tax Reporting frequency and tax filing requirements Employment agreement termination:
Executive search Dependent Visa Criminal record checks Compliant worker onboarding on your behalf Day-to-day payroll management Overtime Health insurance Employer taxes & contributions By mutual agreement
Contingency workforce Visa extension Background checks Account setup in the payroll and HR system​ Monthly pay slips or other pay frequency Public holidays Workers’ compensation Employee taxes & contributions Resignation – by the employee
Application for a sponsor license for a foreign national Education checks Employee data entry and records maintenance Accruals Annual leave Unemployment insurance Withholding tax Dismissal – by the employer
Relocation assistance Managing probation periods Allowances Parental leave Voluntary Benefits Local tax payments and reporting to local authorities Notice period handling
13th and 14th salary Sick leave Share plans for executives End of financial year reporting. Final settlement & severance payments.
Additional leave Bonuses & Equipment provision De-registration with statutory bodies.
Expenses reimbursement & business trip processing
Health insurance, dental treatment

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Spotlight on Tajikistan

Tajikistan, the smallest country in Central Asia, is landlocked and mountainous. It is bordered by Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and the People’s Republic of China to the east.

  • Capital: Dushanbe.
  • Population: 9,119,347.
  • Local currency: Somoni (TJS)
  • Most developing industries: Tajikistan’s primary industrial output and export items are aluminum and textiles. Mineral resources include silver, antimony, mercury, lead, zinc, gold, iron, precious and semi-precious stones, graphite, mineral wax, etc. Despite its mountainous territory, Tajikistan successfully grows cotton, which comprises a good amount of the total agricultural production.

Trust us to handle the global employment and HR side of your workforce management in Tajikistan so you are sure that none of these nuances are missed and that your employees are employed and payrolled properly and compliantly on your behalf.

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