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Immigration support for hiring expats in Bermuda via PEO

For a non-Bermudian to accept a job in Bermuda, they must obtain a work permit in order to live and work there. A legal spouse can be listed as a dependent on the employee’s work permit and allowed to live in Bermuda, but unmarried partners do not share that privilege, and must obtain a separate work permit on their own.

The work permit application process is extensive, taking from a few weeks to several months for the official permit to be issued, once the application has been submitted. However, Bermudian Immigration makes every effort to issue permits within 20 business days after application submission.

Job applicants can only apply for employment from outside the country, and they are not allowed to request a work permit until they obtain a solid job offer. It is then up to the prospective employer to request a work permit application on behalf of the employee. Once received, the employer forwards the permit application to the employee for completion.

Bermudian Immigration requires extensive documentation and details from prospective foreign workers, including medical records, police clearance and personal and professional references.

The employer will be required to furnish additional details about the employee’s medical history and evidence that they are healthy enough to work in a subtropical climate with high humidity. They must also affirm that the employee is free of communicable diseases, and has a clean employment history.

Our Global PEO Solution

Bemuda’s detailed employment laws can make it difficult to get your business processes smoothly up and running in a timely manner. We can help expedite the process through our Global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service.

Our solution for obtaining work permits and hiring expats through our Global PEO is designed to:

  • Help employer companies like yours to relocate selected expats to Bermuda
  • Assist foreign immigrants as an employer ready to facilitate their immigration and legal employment in Bermuda
  • Help companies to hire highly skilled personnel to fill top positions in Bermuda

By partnering with a single sponsor for work permits or visas on your behalf, you minimize the risk of visa rejection of your expat workforce. You also avoid the inconvenience of navigating the complexities of the immigration process.

Unlike other global PEOs, we provide more benefits in addition to work permit support in Bermuda, including medical insurance, housing, office rental, mobile phones, transportation for meet-and-greet, relocation of dependents, and more.

IMPORTANT: We are not an immigration service! We do not provide work permits or immigration support as a stand-alone service for anyone seeking overseas employment.

Obtaining Work Permits for Foreign Workers in Bermuda

It can take several weeks to obtain a Bermudian work permit, although the Bermuda Department of Immigration makes every effort to issue approved work permits within 20 working days of receiving an application. The application process must be initiated by the employer who is offering you a position in Bermuda.

Non-Bermudians who wish to obtain a permit to work in Bermuda must complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain an official offer of employment from a legal Bermudian employer
  2. Wait for the employer to forward an official immigration application from the Bermuda Department of Immigration
  3. Complete your application, along with the questionnaire provided
  4. Gather and make copies of all required documentation
  5. Return your packet of completed application, questionnaire and all required documents to the employer
  6. Wait for the Bermuda Department of Immigration to issue your work permit and/or visa

Documentation required by the Bermuda Department of immigration includes:

  • Your completed immigration application and questionnaire
  • Certified copies of your professional credentials and qualifications
  • Valid copy of your passport
  • Official police clearance form
  • Full-sized chest X Ray
  • Official medical record of good health
  • Two written character references
  • Two written professional references
  • Four or more passport-sized photos

To satisfy application requirements, applicants must provide full details and submit all required documentation to the Bermuda Department of Immigration. Failure to do so can cause your application to be rejected.

Help for Successfully Obtaining Work Permits for Your Expat Employees

Getting your expat employees situated in Bermuda can be a tedious and drawn-out process, but Acumen International’s team is here to help. We work with our local partners to organize and obtain all necessary work permits, accelerating the immigration process while relieving you of the responsibility. In addition, we provide you with frequent updates on the status of your application process.

Contact our team of global experts today, and learn how we can help get your expatriate workers their permits in the quickest time possible, and support their post-immigration employment, so you can successfully expand your business operations in Bermuda.

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