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Global HR Compliance in Grenada

If you hire an international workforce, or plan to hire, then Hiring and Firing Workforce in Grenada Guide below will help you understand the nuances of labor legislation in the country.

When the company is planning to enter a new foreign market of Grenada and has a need to employ a local national there, the first question to answer is how it is going to make local hires.

We have designed a Global Employer of Record service to help you outsource global employment of your foreign workforce to companies like ours.

This solution helps you employ your global sales force in Grenada as well as in other 180+ countries of the world, and provide pay and benefits to your employees, as well as administer any business expenses with our help.

Our solution is different from other hiring modes in that it helps you engage your foreign workforce in full compliance with the local labor legislation. This means you are protected from any non-compliance and employee misclassification risks while we bear all employment risks, not you.

So, it looks very much like hiring your in-house sales force in your home country. However, you focus on only on your global business development while we admin your global HR. In addition, you don’t need to open your own entities in the foreign countries and can leverage our infrastructure in Grenada instead. With our service, you can become a global company with reduced costs and minimized time and effort on your end.

Your employed foreign sales force will devote 100% of their time to your company product and may stay with you longer than foreign independent sales reps.

Global Employer of Record solution is 100% compliant solution that guarantees you and your employees fully compliance with local legislation in Grenada .

We are experts in global workforce employment in Grenada, and our goal is to become your single provider. Instead of working with numerous local staffing agencies and legal advisors, Acumen International can solve your global business challenges and save you time, costs, and resources.

Our team of English-speaking professionals frees you from working through language nuances. Acumen International works 24/7 and can assist you whenever you need, regardless of time zones. Our goal is to create tailored labor solutions for you that are managed legally and in full compliance with the local employment laws.

With our knowledge and deep understanding of local nuances, you easily satisfy your need for skilled professionals in your global industry. With our qualified local partners, you can trust that your global workforce satisfies all local tax, social security, and immigration requirements in Grenada.

Hiring and Firing Workforce in Grenada Guide

# Employment contracts

A contract of employment may take one of the following forms:

  • a contract for an unspecified period of time;
  • a contract for a specified period of time;
  • a contract for a specific task.

A contract for an unspecified period of time may be terminated by either party, subject to the provisions of the Act concerning dismissal and notice of termination. A contract for a specified period of time shall automatically terminate on the date specified for its termination and no notice shall be required for its termination, unless it is expressly or tacitly renewed or prolonged.

Where the purpose or effect of a contract that is purportedly for a specified period of time or for a specific task is the filling on a lasting basis of a post connected with the normal and permanent activity of the undertaking, establishment or service, it shall be deemed to be a contract for an unspecified period of time. A contract to perform a specific task shall terminate on the completion of the task and no notice of termination shall be required of either party.

# Minimum (Statutory) Employment Rules and Regulations in Grenada

# Hours of work:
No employer shall require any employee with the exception of shift workers in the under-mentioned categories to work for more than the hours prescribed hereunder during any week, excluding overtime:

  • for an agricultural worker, a construction worker or an industrial worker, no more than forty hours with the ordinary working days being Mondays to Fridays;
  • for a clerical assistant or a shop assistant, no more than forty-four hours with the ordinary working days being Mondays to Saturdays;
  • for a catering assistant, no more than forty-four;
  • for a domestic worker, or security guard no more than sixty hours.

# Probation period:
The contract of employment which do not specify the length of the probationary period, the following probationary periods shall be deemed to apply:

  • not more than one month in the case of unskilled workers;
  • three months in the case of other workers, but which period may be extended by a collective agreement.

Up to the end of a probationary period, a contract of employment may be terminated at any time by either party without notice.

# Annual leave:
Except where otherwise provided for in the Act, every agricultural worker, catering assistant, clerical assistant, construction worker, domestic worker, industrial worker, security guard and shop assistant shall be entitled to a period of annual leave with pay of not less than the following:

  • two weeks for the first year of employment;
  • three weeks thereafter.

Where an employee is employed on a half day basis, a half day shall be counted as one working day in the computation of periods of employment for vacation leave. An employee employed on a daily or hourly basis shall be allowed a period of paid vacation leave of not less than one working day for every period of fifteen days or one hundred and twenty hours as the case may be.

# Parental leave:
An employee shall be entitled under the Act to maternity leave for a period of three months, with maternity pay calculated. In any case where the child of an employee dies at birth, or within one month thereof, her entitlement to maternity leave with maternity pay shall cease thirty days after the death of the child.

Maternity leave shall commence on a day chosen by the employee who shall not be obliged to return to work before the expiration of the period of her paid leave; but she may return to work at any time before the expiration of three months at her own option.

# Sick leave:
After not less than twelve months continuous service an employee shall be eligible for paid sick leave on the production of a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner stating the nature and expected duration of the employee’s incapacity.

During sick leave, an employee shall be paid at the normal rate of wages less any amount to which the employee is entitled as a benefit by virtue of the National Insurance Act.

An employer shall not be responsible to pay an employee for more than five occasions during a one year period that he does not provide a medical certificate. If sick leave other than maternity leave is required for more than two months the employer may require the employee to attend a medical practitioner of the employer’s choice and pay the cost involved and based upon the medical report shall have a discretion as to whether any further period will be granted.

# Overtime:
No employer shall require an employee to work overtime otherwise than pursuant to an agreement concluded between the employer and the employee. An employer shall pay to an employee who works overtime an amount calculated at a rate of not less than one and one-half times his wage for one hour in respect of the overtime worked, or twice his wage for one hour in respect of the overtime worked on a Sunday or public holiday.

# State minimum salary:
Grenada’s minimum wage is set for various categories of workers (Ex: domestic workers: EC $4.50 per hour; security guard: EC $9.00 per hour) Grenada’s minimum wage was last changed in January 2015.

# Employee dismissal:
The employment of an employee shall not be terminated by an employer unless there is a valid reason for such termination connected with the capacity or conduct of the employee or based on the operational requirements of the enterprise, or breach of contract of employment or disciplinary rules.

The following reasons do not constitute valid reasons for dismissal or the imposition of disciplinary action:

  • an employee’s race, color, national extraction, social origin, religion, political opinion, sex, marital status, family responsibilities or disability,
  • a female employee’s pregnancy or a reason connected with her pregnancy,
  • an employee’s exercise of any of the rights specified in Part V of the Labour Relations Act, 1999;
  • an employee’s temporary absence from work because of sickness or injury;
  • an employee’s exercise or proposed exercise of the right to remove himself or herself from a work situation which he reasonably believes presents an imminent or serious danger to life or health;
  • an employee’s participation, or proposed participation in industrial action which takes place in conformity with Part IX of the Labour Relations Act, 1999;
  • an employee’s refusal to do any work normally done by an employee who is engaged in industrial action;
  • the filing of a complaint or the participation in proceedings against an employer involving alleged violations of any enactment.

A contract for an unspecified period of time may be terminated by the employer after the probationary period, if any, upon giving the following minimum periods of notice in writing:

  • one working day where the employee has been employed by the employer for less than one month;
  • one week where the employee has been employed by the employer for one month or more, but less than three months;
  • two weeks where me employee has been employed by the employer for three months or more, but less than one year;
  • one month where the employee has been employed by the employer for one year or more, but less than five years;
  • two months where the employee has been employed by the employer for five years or more.

The minimum period of notice an employee shall give an employer is two weeks in the case where an employee has been employed for three months or for a longer period, and one month where the employee has been employed for one year or more.

Acumen International can help you fast-track your possibilities of entering and expanding your business in Grenada by providing you with our Employer of Record services. Our unique mix of PEO/EOR solutions will enable you to jumpstart your global operations almost immediately, cost-effectively and compliantly without any need to set up a legal entity first or afterwards.

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