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  1. Overview: Hungary
  2. Global HR Compliance
  3. Global PEO and Payroll
  4. Work permit for hiring expats via PEO
  5. Contractor vs. Employee: which is better?
  6. Expand without a Company Set Up
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The Global Expansion Guide: Hire, Onboard, Pay Talent Fast without Entity in Hungary

Become an international business and gain a presence in Albania without the risk or expense of setting up a company.

When you want to hire talent from Hungary and other countries, finding a PEO partner who can help you navigate the local laws, regulations, and tax implications are crucial. With PEO services, your company can onboard employees without having to establish a legal entity in Hungary and manage the paperwork associated with taxation, benefits, and payroll. Outsourcing HR functions to a Global PEO helps companies like yours meet business challenges with better, faster, and more cost-effective solutions.

Streamline Your Global Journey with PEO & EOR Services in Hungary 

Acumen International PEO provides access to multiple locations, workforces, and talent pools while ensuring 100% compliance with laws in Hungary.

A Global Employer of Record and PEO provides the legal framework and resources needed to remove your employment liability and compliance risks of hiring international employees. We provide a cost-effective solution for agencies and employers without the capital to expand or larger organizations that are not ready for a long-term commitment overseas. Our flexible pricing model can accommodate any number of employees and projects, with fees based on the amount of work performed.

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In this guide you’ll learn how to:

  • Attract and compliantly pay commission-based sales reps
  • Develop international sales and extra revenue opportunities, without setting up own companies overseas
  • Enter more markets, test the markets before getting established there, and easily withdraw from the unattractive countries
  • Avoid legal and compliance risks
  • Design an efficient system of international sales with a strong team of global salesforces

The key to expanding seamlessly into Hungary is finding and effectively managing local people. Just a single pair of boots on the ground is a game-changer. Immediate revenue increases with a skilled globally distributed salesforce, or expedited growth with foreign local IT pros; all benefits of a strong international team and presence in the global marketplace.

However, if your company is trying to go global, or is already in those early stages, chances are that you’re starting to understand how complicated global operations can be.

Learn How You Can Expand Your Business Globally Through Employment Fast, Easily, And Risk-Free!

How A Global PEO and EOR Can Save Time and Money When Expanding to Hungary

Hungary has been growing quickly in recent years as a desirable place to do business. Acumen International's Hungary EOR solutions will help you expand your business in this exciting market, considering the three key elements of cost-efficiency, expertise, and time. Acumen International's solutions not only help you drive the business in the right direction but also help overcome any barriers related to language, culture, and local regulations. Hungary provides excellent opportunities for growth for businesses from all over the world, and Acumen International PEO (Professional Employment Organization) and EOR (Employer of Record) are here to provide you with the best possible support. Acumen International will make your expansion into Hungary a smooth process by handling end-to-end human resources management in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Employment Contracts in Hungary

When starting a business in Hungary, knowing the different employment contracts is important. Acumen International PEO can help you create an employment contract that meets your needs and expectations, reducing the need for onboarding procedures in Hungary. To make sure your employees are correctly compensated, ensure you understand all of the mandatory benefits and salary breakdowns included in your contract. Acumen International PEO can accelerate your global HR and payroll processes by working with local experts in Hungary. By reducing your dependence on local infrastructure and experts in these areas, you can cut your expansion costs by 90% and hiring time by 80%.

Avoid Employee Misclassification Risk

The global marketplace has many opportunities for businesses looking to expand their reach, but accessing the Hungarian market can be risky. Many businesses struggle with the complex and convoluted employment legislation that Hungary has. It is important to be aware of all potential tax liabilities in payroll and contributions payments may cause fines and penalties, so companies must thoroughly understand the laws before making any employment decisions. 

There is an enormous risk of misclassification for companies employing employees as independent contractors, as if the tax regulators or courts view the engagement of professionals as regular employment, then the company and the individual could face severe penalties, liabilities, and backpay taxes. Employees of an EOR have a guaranteed level of protection from misclassification and corresponding risks.

This can cost you a PEO or EOR fee, but following appropriate procedures and adhering to Hungary's employment laws helps you avoid financial risk. Businesses should have little trouble expanding into Hungary with a Global PEO/EOR partner.

Risk-free Business Expansion to Hungary with Easy Exit 

After you've decided to expand in Hungary, one of the next steps is to hire people who will represent your company there. Employee onboarding and payroll in Hungary bring with them certain formalities and norms that need to be followed by both employers. The legal procedure for a company set up in Hungary typically takes around three months.

You need to consider a few important things before you withdraw from the market. One is liquidation - this might be needed if you find the market unattractive and want to withdraw. Outsource your employment in Hungary to Acumen International, a global PEO and EOR solutions provider, which will act as the legal employer of your workforce in Hungary and manage employment-related processes (payroll, tax, and benefits administration) on your behalf.

We can sponsor work permits and visas for your expatriate personnel who you need to send and have employed in Hungary.

As the original (factual) employer, you will maintain the substantive work relationship, making all decisions on compensation, position duties, projects, and termination. Our global PEO/EOR solution gives you freedom to dedicate all your time to developing your business in the target country without costly and time-consuming entity setup in Hungary.

You only need to find the candidates (or decide to convert current freelancers/independents into employees) and we will do the rest. We can help you recruit the candidate in addition to PEO employment.

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