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  2. Global HR Compliance
  3. Global PEO and payroll
  4. Work permit for hiring expats via PEO
  5. Expand without a company set up
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Immigration support for hiring expats in Poland via PEO

Are you ready to breakdown international markets, growing your revenues, and scale business to the global level? Picking up the right talent will likely determine the success of your venture. Acumen International is a trusted partner for global employment solutions; with our help, companies from all over the world have been continuously approving their presence across the global market.

We set the high standards for the work permit sponsorship and immigration support to businesses of all sizes and sectors, providing assistance during international assignments and relocation programs. Improve your global mobility with a reputable international employer, a global partner for expansion and talent strategy.

If you plan to hire a foreign worker in Poland, Acumen International will make the process of obtaining work permits/business visas reliable and easy. We will quickly onboard talented employees on your behalf without any risks. Enter your project details into the free quote form or contact our dedicated team to figure out the best options for global integration.
Benefit from our offer in two different ways:

  1. For the long-term expat employment in Poland with 100% compliance to local Labor and Immigration Code;
  2. As a specific solution for the ad-hoc initiatives prior to the branch set-up in Poland, or any of 190+ countries.

Solution for global mobility of expats in Poland

Foreign employment of expats in Poland is now subject to your growth ambitions rather than relocation issues. There won’t be bothering immigration procedures since we’ve turned it into a practical solution. You can focus on profitable business goals while we take care of visa processing and administrative tasks.

Delegate your relocation affairs to Acumen International, the global employment solutions provider. Our professional team has managed to assist lots of companies like yours during their international expansion, helping grow and develop progressive infrastructure. Become the prosper today with the top international partner – Acumen.

With our high expertise in global immigration support, your candidate to obtain work permits and visas within the standard duration of the processing period in Poland.

Estimated time for work permit issuance

Typically, the procedure of work permit issuance in Poland takes from 2 weeks to 1 month until entry in Poland, and further 2 to 4 months before the whole process is completed.

Major steps to get a work permit in Poland

  1. Local Labour Market Search
  2. Entry Visa Application
  3. Entry to Poland
  4. Address Registration
  5. Blue Card Application

Documents for work permit in Poland, main applicant

Name Notes
Work permit Application form Correctly completed and signed by an authorized person
Declaration on the employer’s criminal record Signed legibly only by the employer
Proof of the state fee payment
Social Security Registration number For employer
Official proof that the job has no suitable candidate from the EU For non-EU residents
The original power of attorney When a party acts through a proxy
Copy of all pages of the candidate’s passport – Passport must have been issued within the last ten years.
– Valid for 3 months beyond the intended date of departure.
Education Certificates Higher education certificate and any additional diplomas relating to the field of expertise.
Apostilled or legalized in the country of issuance and translated into Polish by a certified translator in Poland.
2 Passport Photographs 3.5cm x 4.5cm – 3.5cm x 4.5cm, in color
– White background
– Face forward, mouth closed, eyes open
Proof of legal immigration status – Polish national visa/Schengen visa
– Residence permit
Valid Passport
Application Form for Address Registration

If you need to have your expat personnel legally work for you in Poland without having to set up your own business entity for that, trust us to assist you with work permit and immigration support, and then employ your expats locally on your behalf.

Contact our team to let us take up your foreign employees’ immigration matters and relieve you of the responsibility of getting work permit by working with our local partners to organize and obtain all the necessary permits, as well as provide you with a detailed update on the progress of the process.

Contact us for more details about how you can get a work permit for your expatriate staff and employ them through Acumen International in Poland.

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