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Global Employer of Record (EOR) in Romania

Do you have Ukrainian workers who are planning to flee to Romania to escape the Russian conflict? Or have your employees already left Ukraine and arrived in Romania?

Acumen International can help companies like yours, including IT, to compliantly employ your Ukrainian talent in Romania within days. Acumen’s global PEO and Payroll solution helps you to legally relocate your Ukrainian personnel to Romania so you can enjoy uninterrupted workflow with employees you know and trust. Our solution enables us to arrange for global payroll, and to open bank accounts for your employees. We can also provide your talent with laptops, mobile phones, and other tools they need to perform their jobs.

Global employment services

Romania is attractive for international companies who want to do business in Europe and beyond. However, establishing a permanent business entity in Romania is not always the optimal solution for companies who are just beginning to explore Romania’s business landscape. Even if a permanent in-country entity is your end goal, you may need to gather a boots-on-the-ground team to help you get things up and running, prior to incorporation.

In either case, or if you are an agency representing a corporate client, Acumen International offers a perfect global Employer of Record (EOR) solution for legal and compliant hiring and compensating of your workforce in Romania.

Send us your project details here, and we will be happy to employ your international workforce on your behalf in Romania in a fast and cost-effective way.

Spotlight on Romania:

Romania is a developing country, with a high-income economy. Romania is a member of the European Union.

  • Location: Romania is located in Europe, bordering the Black Sea, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Hungary.
  • Capital: Bucharest.
  • Currency: New Romanian Leu (RON).
  • Official language: Romanian.
  • Population: 21,230,362 (2021).
  • Labor force: 4.889 million.
  • Most developing industries: services, agriculture and industry with electric machinery and equipment, auto assembly, textiles and footwear, light machinery, metallurgy, chemicals, food processing, petroleum refining, mining, timber, construction materials.
  • Main trading partners: Germany, Italy, France.
  • Minimum statutory salary: Romania has a government-mandated minimum wage. National Minimum Wage from January 2022 is RON 15.24 per hour or RON 2,550.00 per month (being calculated on 168 average working hours per month)
  • Thirteenth salary and other additional remunerations: There is no statutory requirement for a 13th salary payment in Romania.

Employ Your Selected Workforce via Acumen Employer of Record (EOR) in Romania

Acumen’s Employer of Record solution in Romania offers an efficient and inexpensive alternative to an own company setup and direct hiring, to meet your global employment needs. Our solution gives companies the opportunity to operate in Romania, and in 190 international markets where we serve our clients, without registering as a local business entity.

As an Employer of Record services provider, Acumen International helps businesses to legally engage and pay their selected highly skilled professionals in Romania. Businesses that want to attract top local talent should plan on offering competitive salaries and benefits.

Acumen International’s EOR in Romania helps employers and service companies representing international clients to hire and compensate local employees in Romania. We offer professional assistance to meet our clients’ global HR needs, such as:

  • Global talent acquisition and retention
  • Global expansion assistance to help you quickly enter new global markets without legal and HR compliance risks
  • Local support for international clients and their expat employees

Legally Onboard and Payroll Employees in Romania with Acumen’s Global Employment Solution

Like every other country, Romania has its own employment nuances, which must be fully observed to ensure 100% compliance. Trust us to handle the global employment and HR side of your workforce management in Romania so you are sure that none of these nuances are missed and that your employees are employed and payrolled properly and compliantly.

Acumen’s solid global employment solution was designed to help businesses avoid compliance risks and save money by hiring and compensating your local and expat workforce in Romania on your behalf. Our Global Employer of Record (EOR) helps international companies like yours expand globally by engaging the country’s brightest global talent for your projects.

Whether you need to reinforce your internal team with the expertise of local Romanian talent, or you have already selected a candidate to work for you remotely from Romania in full legal compliance, our global employment solution is a great choice for you.

In addition to legally onboarding Romanian employees, we can help to organize work permits and provide business visa sponsorship for your expatriate team, and employ them on your behalf once legal permissions are obtained.

Partner with Acumen International as your #1 global Employer of Record services provider, and let us help you manage your overseas employment and HR needs. With Acumen, you can rest assured that all legal requirements are met for compliant hiring and compensating of your local and expatriate employees in Romania, and in 190 countries worldwide where we serve our international clients.

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