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  4. Work Permit for Hiring Expats via PEO
  5. Expand without a company set up
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Global PEO and Payroll in Lebanon

How to Expand Your Business into Lebanon with a Global PEO

When you consider the ever-growing international market, you may find that your business is poised to benefit from overseas expansion. However, with so many countries to choose from and a vast differences in cultural norms and laws, it can be hard to know where to start.

Given that many potential international locations have different regulations, accounting systems, and tax structures, getting the right help is crucial. The first step is finding the right global employment partner for your business. Here are some basic concepts related to expanding internationally that any business should be familiar with before starting down the road of global expansion.

In the past, businesses faced many barriers to expanding internationally, such as complicated local laws and expensive and time-consuming procedures for setting up foreign subsidiaries. Global Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) have now provided a new and easier way to go global by hiring an international workforce overseas.

Global Employment Challenges in 2023

When expanding your business operations to new countries, many important issues must be considered to ensure compliance and avoid any potential problems on the global expansion journey.

These include global HR administration issues such as securing business visas and permits, drafting employment contracts that comply with labor and tax laws across multiple jurisdictions, data privacy and intellectual property rights, global payroll, accounting considerations, and local statutory requirements. 

There may also be a need to comply with various regulatory requirements relating to currency controls, foreign employment restrictions, and employee classification. Additionally, multi-jurisdictional tax considerations, risks, and liabilities should be considered, along with complex tax filing requirements and potential litigation risks in Lebanon.

Finally, being aware of the different languages, time zones, customs, and cultures you may encounter in these new markets is also essential. Doing the necessary homework on these issues in advance can help avoid any potential problems down the road.

What is a Global PEO (Professional Employer Organization)?

A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, is a company that specializes in handling human resources for other businesses. PEOs can provide a wide range of services, such as payroll processing, employee benefits administration, tax reporting, workers' compensation insurance, unemployment insurance claims management, employee screening, legal and regulatory compliance assistance, HR consulting, immigration services, and other financial services. Businesses that partner with a PEO can outsource many of their HR needs and focus on running their core operations.

With a robust global PEO, you can make global employment decisions quickly and confidently – without getting buried in immigration or labor compliance work. You can quickly and easily employ your pre-selected world-class talent from any country. Perhaps more importantly, with our Global PEO services, we minimize your permanent establishment, employee immigration, or misclassification risk – leaving you free to focus on running your business.

With a Global PEO, you don't need to worry about the cost of maintaining a workforce, recruitment, securing visas or work permits for foreign hires, issuing documents, managing payroll and employee benefits, collecting payroll tax, and paying personal and corporate taxes.

Entering into a partnership with a global PEO who is committed to helping provide excellent employment opportunities. This partnership will enable you to dramatically expand your services and reach in any part of the world.

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Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Lebanon

Since 2000, Acumen International has served as an international PEO and payroll service provider in Lebanon. At Acumen International, we provide payroll and PEO services that help businesses expand their international reach or attract top global talent for projects.

Our global infrastructure enables us to hire employees on locally compliant payrolls in multiple countries, simplifying international payroll for our clients into one monthly invoice. Whether you need assistance with employment in one country or multiple countries, we can help!

You can use our international PEO solution to employ local sales representatives to explore the local market, sell your product there, or employ qualified IT personnel for projects of any complexity or duration.

You can also test the market for viability and easily withdraw if found unfeasible without losing much compared to what could be lost after establishing an entity there.

How Does a Global PEO Work? What Is the “Co-employment” Model?

Organizations that partner with a Global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) enjoy many benefits. By working with a PEO, businesses can take advantage of a co-employment relationship that can free up time and resources better spent on strategic decision-making and business growth. Global PEOs are responsible for payroll, withholding and paying payroll taxes, managing compensation and benefits coverage, and providing HR compliance guidance.

The global PEO becomes a co-employer of the organization’s employees, and PEO shares the employment responsibilities of the client organization. PEOs assume many administrative and HR compliance tasks that businesses would otherwise have to handle, giving business owners and management teams more time to focus on running their companies.

In addition, Professional Employment Organisations can provide valuable services and expertise that businesses might not be able to access independently. Using a PEO can be a great way for businesses to improve efficiency, save time and money, and gain access to valuable resources and expertise.

Acumen’s Global PEO and Payroll solution was designed especially for companies like yours to smooth the way for quick, easy, and risk-free business operations in Lebanon without establishing a legal business entity.

PEO vs EOR: What's the Difference Between a PEO & EOR?

Different businesses have different needs when it comes to hiring employees. The global PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and Employer of Record international talent engagement models may be a good fit for fast-growing tech businesses and startups that need to take on people quickly and easily. 

Employment Model Co-employer Sole Employer
Permanent Establishment Factor Can only work with clients who have a registered in-country (state) entity Facilitates foreign expansion without setting up an entity
Key Services Global employment, payroll, benefits, immigration (visa, work permits), mobility Global employment, payroll, benefits, immigration (visa, work permits), mobility
Responsibilities Responsible for the entire array of HR functions Responsible for a portion of HR functions
Tax Administration Depending on local tax regulations may require taxes to be filed under the client’s taxpayer ID Files taxes under own Taxpayer ID Number
Payroll Funding Requires advanced payments from the client Provides payroll funding
Local Entity Establishment Required Optional
Local Entity Ownership Does not own the entities. Instead, partners with a local or global third-party provider. A PEO  does not allow you to hire in countries where you do not have a local entity. 100 % owns legal entities in the country of service. Allows to hire a workforce in other countries without setting up a business entity
Liability Shares responsibilities and liabilities Assumes all responsibilities and liabilities. EOR hires the employees in the new country under its local business entity and takes on all of the legal risks.
Legal Advice Optional 100% compliance required
Global Labour & HR Compliance Optional 100% compliance required
Insurance May require the client to provide their own insurance. Provide general liability (GL) and workers’ compensation (WC) insurance coverage.
Benefits Provides higher quality  employee benefits at competitive prices Provides higher quality employee benefits at competitive prices
Short-time Worker Employment Provides no support Supports
Employment Agreement The client must draft and sign the employment agreement with an employee. Drafts and signs the employment agreement directly.
Pricing Structure
  1. Fixed monthly fee per employee.
  2. Percentage of payroll plus applicable taxes
  1. Fixed monthly fee per employee
  2. Percentage of payroll plus applicable taxes

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PEO Services in Lebanon

Acumen International is a global PEO (Professional Employer Organization) that provides international employment services to companies with employees working in multiple countries, including Lebanon. We offer our clients a comprehensive service portfolio.

The expert team at a global PEO partner usually provides strategic guidance and a wide array of high-quality, cost-effective services tailored to your specific requirements that can help your company grow and scale up safely. Here are some of them:

  1. Human resources administration, including payroll, taxes, and benefits administration; employee training and development; recruitment; employee relations; compliance training; background or education checks; timekeeping services.
  2. Regulatory compliance assistance, including payroll tax law and reporting requirements.
  3. IP protection, employment contract drafting, compliant onboarding, and offboarding.
  4. Hiring and HR compliance services, helping you navigate local regulations and avoid prohibited HR practices, including discriminatory job listings, illegal criminal background checks, misclassified workforce, inaccurate payroll, and tax payments in Lebanon.
  5. Human resource support.
  6. End-to-end talent management, including recruiting, onboarding, engagement, performance management, and termination (upon employer approval).
  7. Liaison with legal counsel on employment issues such as discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, whistleblower protection, non-compete agreements, severance agreements, and other employment law matters.

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Payroll Solution in Lebanon

Local payroll management is one of the most challenging aspects of running any business, so working with an experienced GEO with expertise in global payroll is crucial. Acumen Global PEO  can be a single point of contact for your payroll administration in Lebanon. A global PEO partner administers all payroll functions, which gives employees the confidence they will receive statutory employment benefits and protections in Lebanon. 

There are many benefits to using a global payroll solution like Acumen International in Lebanon. Instead, you can avoid the hassle and expense of setting up and maintaining a legal entity and focus on key business tasks. Additionally, local labor laws can be complex and challenging to navigate. A global PEO and payroll solution can help you sidestep these issues and run your business more smoothly.

If you're looking to set up payroll in Lebanon, you'll need to ensure you have an employment contract covering all the legal requirements. This includes details on the employee's responsibilities, compensation, benefits, procedures for filing grievances, and discipline. Depending on the situation, you may also need to include termination and immigration requirements.

Benefits of Partnering with a Global PEO in Lebanon

  1. PEOs can provide a range of benefits to employees that other companies may not be able to offer. A PEO will also help with keeping track of your employee's benefits and insurance across multiple jurisdictions, as well as making sure they stay up-to-date while they're working for you. You might be surprised at how much time it takes to manage health insurance or pension plans, but PEOs deal with this daily. They make it their business to know what the most up-to-date employee benefits there are,
  2. Reduced liability. Often, employers are unaware of potential liability issues regarding their employee’s insurance and benefits until it is too late. Using a global PEO to handle these matters instead of handling them on your behalf across foreign jurisdictions.
  3. A global PEO can help your company save on internal costs by acting as the sole contact for Lebanon's insurance and benefits coverage. Global PEOs can also help improve the quality of your benefits coverage by providing access to a broader range of options.
  4. Your business faces many potential threats, from compliance issues to insurance costs. A global PEO can help you mitigate these risks by providing expert guidance and support. 
  5. A global PEO can help with immigration challenges and other concerns that may impact your business.
  6. By partnering with a global PEO, clients can often secure more favorable terms on employee benefit plans.
  7. Streamlined payroll and tax filings. The PEO processes payroll and does all the necessary tax filings for the company in Lebanon, significantly reducing administrative overhead for employers.

How Much Does a Global PEO Charge?

Payroll taxes and service fees can be an enormous burden for employers. Many companies use a Global PEO (Professional Employer Organization) to help with these costs. PEOs typically charge a percentage of the total payroll, including employee insurance fees. It can be challenging to determine the actual costs for these services, especially when some employer taxes are only paid on wages up to a certain threshold.

Single Global Service Agreement

Cover all your international projects within a single contract and add new employees and services as you expand your global workforce in the new countries.

No Required Minimums

We accept projects of any length, with any number of employees.

Flexible Pricing

We adjust your pricing based on the project employee number, whether you need to scale up or down.

One-stop-shop Global PEO and Payroll Solution in Lebanon

We manage all your global services, including employment, recruitment, immigration, legal and global HR consulting, saving you valuable time. And Acumen International covers the cost and saves you the effort of finding and selecting local employment-related service providers.

Global EOR (Employer of Record) Services: Save Up to 80% of Employment Cost

  Average Cost & Time Our Solution *
Time to Market 10+ weeks 72 hours
Legal Advisors Fees $ 10 000 + .............
Official Employment & Benefits $ 20 000 + .............
Incorporation & Liquidation Costs $ 11 000 + .............
Bank Account Setup $ 2 000 + .............
Maintenance costs and in-house staff to manage the foreign entity, payroll set up, and administration. $ 25 000+ .............
The approximate total cost of new market entry** $ 74 000 + $ 15 000

* Per one Employee ** Costs vary from country to country

Global Reach in 190 Countries

With our network covering 190+ countries, Acumen International can become your reliable global expert in local employment in Lebanon and worldwide. With our deep understanding of Lebanon's labor rules and regulations, you can trust that your global workforce satisfies all local tax, social security, and immigration requirements.

Onboarding at the Speed of Light

If a global PEO client wants to connect to local resources in multiple countries, we can expedite the employment quote process within 24 hours. Today's global economy demands speed, and our unique global PEO model enables that speed. We complete the cross-border employment due diligence and execute the contract in a day or two. With our single-point responsibility model, we handle all aspects of managing your project needs abroad without you having to worry about setting up payroll, taxes, holidays, etc.

By using our international employment outsourcing solution in Lebanon, you can mitigate risks of employee misclassification and/or non-compliance.

If you are a service company serving clients that employ a global workforce, you might want to use our global PEO service as an efficient tool to extend your offering to your clients.

Whether it is your client company or your firm that needs to instantly employ a local expert or a foreigner in Lebanon, Acumen International, through international PEO service, will guide you through local employment nuances as well as work permit sponsorship and business visa issuance required for expatriates’ immigration.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you accelerate your overseas employment!

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