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Global Employer of Record in Qatar

Global employment services

Willing to hire international employees in Qatar? We’re here to help.

Send us project details here and we’ll be happy to employ your international workforce on your behalf in Qatar quickly and cost-effectively.

Spotlight on Qatar:

  • Location – officially the State of Qatar, is a country located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Capital – Doha
  • Population – 2.6 million (2017)
  • Official language – Arabic
  • Recognized minority languages – English
  • Government – Unitary absolute monarchy
  • Currency – Riyal (QAR)
  • Dominant religion – Islam
  • Exports – $86.51 billion (2018). Exportable goods: liquefied natural gas, petroleum products, fertilizers, steel.
  • Main export partners: Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, China.
  • Imports – $26.69 billion (2017).
  • Main import partners: machinery and transport equipment, food, chemicals.
  • Public holidays – Eid al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, Independence day.

A written employment contract is compulsory for a local to be employed. The Service Contract must be made in writing and attested by the Department and must comprise three copies, one copy to be delivered to each of the parties and the third copy to be deposited with the Department. If the service contract is not made in writing the worker may prove the labor relationship and the rights which have arisen therefrom by all means of proof.

All work permits, instructions, notices, schedules, and other documents issued by the employer in the application of this Act must be in Arabic. Translation to other languages may be added, but the Arabic language must be the only language recognized in case of disputes.

Collective agreements are not common in Qatar. In any establishment where thirty or more workers are working there may be formed a joint committee embodying representatives of the employer and workers. The joint committee must deal with the study and discussion of all matters related to the work in the establishment. The committee must submit its recommendations on these matters to the employer to consider whether they can be implemented. The employers and workers have the right to conduct collective negotiation and conclude joint agreements on all matters related to the work.

  • Are you seeking to reinforce your existing team with the expertise of Qatar-based international employees?
  • Have you already selected a candidate from Qatar?
  • Do you want the prospect to work for you remotely from Qatar?
  • Would you prefer to hire shortly and stay compliant with Qatar legislation?

Our global employment solution is the way to go!

Like every other country, Qatar has its own employment specifics. Abiding by the local employment law ensures 100% compliance.

By entrusting local tax and law subordination as well as workforce employment and management to an authority with extensive expertise, you safeguard professional handling of all things legal in Qatar on behalf of your company.

Employer of Record solution in Qatar

Employer of Record is an integrated solution designed to help you hire and manage your remote employees in Qatar, which includes:

  • familiarizing with the country’s employment legislation
  • onboarding of employees
  • payrolling employees on a monthly basis in local currency/ies
  • arranging for business visa and work permit if you need to employ expatriate personnel in Qatar.

Acumen Employer of Record can promptly employ the selected candidate (or multiple prospects) on your behalf in Qatar. We become your trusted partner and guide you through local labor laws thus eliminating:

  • any and all employment risks
  • the need to go into legislative specifics and set everything up on your own
  • all local labor issues.

Handing all these compulsory global employment processes to experts will spare your precious business hours for more strategic task solving.

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