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Global PEO and payroll in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates are among the world’s most prosperous, glamorous and exciting places to conduct business, and the UAE is an ideal location for international companies to establish business ties in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. But the UAE has multiple laws and regulations that are unique from mainstream Western countries, and if you are looking to expand your business there, you can expect to encounter certain obstacles to engaging and payrolling your remote workforce in the UAE.

Acumen’s International PEO and payroll services in the UAE were designed for companies like yours, to help you grow in global markets with minimal challenges for employing local and expat talent, and managing your human resources demands.

With Acumen’s global PEO payroll service, you can save money, get up-and-running in the country more quickly and easily, and avoid compliance risks and legal fees. Whether the UAE is your ultimate target, or you plan to expand further anywhere around the globe, Acumen International is ready to serve you with our PEO service in the UAE and in 190 countries we cover.

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Global Payroll and Taxation in the UAE

The UAE offers very favorable tax policies and incentives to international businesses, which makes the Emirates attractive to a vast array of global enterprises. There are no individual income taxes, and no national corporate income taxes (CITs). Corporate taxes are determined and levied by the individual emirates, but currently CITs are reserved for foreign oil and gas companies, and for branches of foreign international banks.

Social Security and Retirement Contributions

Companies operating in the UAE are required to contribute a percentage of each employee’s gross annual pay to a state-sponsored Social Security fund. The employer contribution rate is 12.5% in all emirates except the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where the rate is 15%. Contributions apply to employees earning from 1000 to 50,000 AED.

In addition, employers are required to make monthly contributions to the DIFC Employee Workplace Savings Scheme (DEWS), a retirement savings program that replaces the former end-of-service gratuity. Contributions range from 5.83% to 8.33% of the employee’s base salary, depending on the employee’s length of service.

Professional Employer Organization in the UAE

As a Professional Employer Organization in the UAE, Acumen International can guide you in determining your total employment cost, deciding which incentives to offer, and settling on what benefits to provide, to attract and retain the UAE’s top talent and remain compliant.

Acumen International’s PEO payroll services in the UAE are designed to help both onshore and offshore companies to navigate tax and payroll requirements. We support businesses in the IT and Telecommunications, FMCG, Oil and Gas industries, Construction and Engineering, Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and others by hiring and payrolling selected employees on your behalf.

Acumen’s International PEO payroll service in the UAE is designed to protect our global clients from tax non-compliance risks, and to relieve you of the responsibility of calculating and paying taxes directly in the UAE. Our Global PEO services save you money while freeing you to focus on growing your business.

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How Acumen International’s PEO and Payroll Service can Benefit Your Business in the UAE

Despite the UAE’s business-friendly environment, companies expanding to the region can benefit from our international PEO in the country for officially employing and payrolling their global workforces in the UAE. As your global Professional Employer Organization in the UAE, we can engage and pay your remote workforce in the UAE on your behalf.

Our services include international global payroll, calculation and disbursement of employer social security and DEWS contributions, and employee benefits distribution.

NOTE: Acumen is not an International Payroll provider, and we do not provide International Global Payroll services as a standalone solution in the United Arab Emirates and other countries we cover.

Whether you operate offshore, do business in a free zone, or set up operations on the UAE mainland, Acumen’s PEO payroll services make it fast and easy to launch your business activities in the UAE. We send you one simple invoice per month that covers everything, sparing you from having to keep on top of your HR management needs.

With Acumen’s Global PEO and International Global Payroll services in the UAE, you can focus on expanding your business while we focus on taking care of your workforce. Contact our team of global employment experts today, to learn more about how Acumen International can help you to expand your business in the UAE, and in 190 countries around the globe.

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