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Immigration Support for Hiring Expats in Latvia via a PEO

Immigration Rules & Global Employment Compliance in Latvia

As more and more employees work remotely, reviewing immigration compliance in these situations is vital. Employees who wish to work from a location other than their approved work location may need authorization and/or registration for the new site. Failing to comply with these requirements could result in severe consequences and litigations.

Working remotely can be a great way to improve work-life balance and increase productivity. However, before implementing a remote or hybrid work model, it is essential to consider the immigration requirements of the country where the employees will be working.

Acumen’s global mobility solution helps companies expand their workforce by enabling them to hire talent locally, wherever needed, including in Latvia. This service facilitates the movement of employees between countries and across borders by helping companies reduce the burden of managing multiple HR systems in different locations. It also streamlines the visa application process and securing work permits for employees moving from one country to another.

Hire Talent in Latvia faster. No Barriers with Global Employer of Record

If you want to hire foreign personnel for your business in Latvia, remember a few things. The immigration process in Latvia can be slightly different than what you may be used to, and certain documents are required to obtain a work permit. Additionally, you will need to set up local payroll for your foreign employees.

An in-country PEO may be an excellent alternative to incorporation if you are looking to hire employees in Latvia. A global PEO company can help guide you through immigration and provide a ‘no entity hiring’ solution after visa or permit receipt.

For many years Acumen International has been hiring and payrolling our clients’ expatriates for both short- and long-term projects. If you need to legally hire and pay the expatriates in Latvia, we can help you. Regardless of your business objectives and timelines, Acumen International can arrange immigration and work permit support for hiring your expats in full legal compliance with local labor legislation after the permit has been issued.

Global Employer of Record (EOR) Services in Latvia. Save Up to 80% of Employee Management Cost

Average Cost & TimeOur Solution *
Time to Market10+ weeks72 hours
Legal Advisors Fees$ 10 000 +………….
Official Employment & Benefits$ 20 000 +………….
Incorporation & Liquidation Costs$ 11 000 +………….
Bank Account Setup$ 2 000 +………….
Maintenance costs and in-house staff to manage the foreign entity, payroll set up, and administration.$ 25 000+………….
The approximate total cost of new market entry**$ 74 000 +$ 15 000

* Per one Employee
** Costs vary from country to country

Work permit and Hiring Ex-pats via a Global PEO

  1. employer companies like yourself that want to relocate their selected expats to Latvia
  2. individuals that have an employer that is ready to finance their immigration and foreign employment in Latvia
  3. the service is mainly used by companies hiring highly skilled personnel to fill some top positions in Latvia

Note: Having a single provider that would sponsor a work permit or visa on your behalf and then employs expats in Latvia, minimizes risks of visa rejection. In addition, it takes the hassle associated with immigration procedures off your head.

Unlike other global Professional Employer Organizations, Acumen International can provide extra benefits in addition to work permit support in Latvia. This includes medical insurance, housing, office rent, mobile phone and car provision to meet-and-greet, dependents relocation, etc.

Disclaimer: Acumen International is not an immigration service. We do not provide a work permit and immigration support as a standalone solution to individuals willing to find jobs overseas.

Estimated Time for Work Permit Issuing

Typically, the procedure of work permit issuance in Latvia takes about 1 months until entry to Latvia, and a further 1 to 2 months before the whole process is completed.

How to Get a Work Permit in Latvia?

  1. Fill out/print/sign up the Application for requiring a residence permit
  2. Collect all required documentation
  3. Legalize documents
  4. Arrange an interview
  5. Submit the application/pay fee for processing the documents
  6. The decision is made by OCMA (The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs)
  7. Apply for D Visa/pay visa fee
  8. Upon arrival to Latvia, obtain a residence permit

Documents for Work Permit in Latvia

Type of documents
Valid passport
2 x passport photos
2 x completed employment permit application forms
Medical certificate stating good health of the applicant
Proof of sufficient funds (can be in the form of bank account statements)
Medical insurance
Inclusion of the relevant visa application fee
Relevant marriage and birth certificates of spouse and dependents traveling with the applicant
Employment contract from the sponsor
Letter of intent from sponsor

If you need to have your expat personnel legally work for you in Latvia without setting up your business entity, trust us to assist you with work permits and immigration support, and then employ your expats locally on your behalf.

Contact our team to let us take up your foreign employees’ immigration matters and relieve you of the responsibility of getting a work permit by working with our local partners to organize and obtain all the necessary licenses, as well as provide you with a detailed update on the progress of the process.

Contact us for more details about how you can get a work permit for your expatriate staff and employ them through Acumen International in Latvia.

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