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Employ Candidates Compliantly in New Zealand

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  2. Global PEO and payroll
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  5. Expand without a company set up
  6. Contractor vs. employee: which is better?
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Global PEO and payroll in New Zealand

Now is the time to expand your business overseas. With a well-crafted plan, you can enter into new markets and start generating revenue from them. If your competitors are doing it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do it as well. As the CFO or COO of your company, you are in a prime position to make this happen. Delegate the task to someone you trust who has the time to see it through.

One of the best business decisions you can make is to partner with a global PEO, or Professional Employer Organization. The employer employs a global PEO and enters into a joint-employment relationship with the client by leasing employees to the client across multiple jurisdictions, thereby allowing the global PEO to assume, share, and manage many global employment-related responsibilities and liabilities.

What is a Global PEO?

A professional employer organization (PEO) is a company that provides payroll, human resources, and benefits administration services to businesses. PEOs typically enter into joint employment relationships with an employer, which allows them to operate within single or multiple jurisdictions or countries. A crucial part of PEO services is compliance with the laws and regulations governing payroll, benefits administration, and tax reporting in the countries where they do business. This includes paying taxes on employee wages following local labor laws and taxation regulations. By outsourcing these functions to a PEO, businesses can focus on their core operations and leave the HR management to experts.

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Why Global PEO Services Are Useful for Business

  • A Global PEO can expand your business footprint in a new market by providing a single point of management for administrative, HR, payroll, and tax compliance functions.
  • A Global PEO helps you focus on operating your business and doesn’t burden you with managing payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance matters across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Co-Employee Arrangement and partnering with a Global PEO allows for expansion to a new market without costly re-organizations or redundancies.
  • A Global PEO can help businesses establish a presence in foreign markets by helping them recruit local and global talent, create an international HR structure, and meet all regulatory requirements.
  • The economies of scale, global reach, and technology resources of a global professional employer organization (PEO) allow businesses to achieve operational efficiencies that positively impact business results.
Our Global PEO&Payroll Client
Employment risks mitigation
Tax compliance & payroll processing
Incorporation costs no need for own
Effort 90% 10%
Coverage 190 countries 190 countries

A Global PEO Can Help You Replace Numerous Vendors

If you’re looking to streamline your company’s operations and get a handle on global workforce management, partnering with a global professional employer organization (PEO) can be a great solution. PEOs can provide a full suite of services to help you replace the following numerous vendors.

  1. Payroll Company
  2. Employee Benefits Broker
  3. HR Consultants
  4. Background Checks Vendors
  5. IP Attorney
  6. Tax Advisor
  7. Translation service
  8. Legal Advisor
  9. Immigration Advisor
  10. HR Compliance Advisor.
  11. Licensing Consultancy

Advantages of a Global PEO

  • Reduced time spent on HR procedures, paperwork, and compliance

Outsourcing these operations to a PEO allows more time for strategic decision-making and business growth. Global PEOs are responsible for payroll, withholding and paying payroll taxes, managing compensation and benefits coverage, and providing HR compliance guidance.

  • Employment management cost control in New Zealand

Payroll, benefits, taxes, employee leaves, holidays, and social contributions are centrally managed by one trusted global PEO partner at competitive rates. By working with a PEO, businesses can take advantage of a co-employment relationship which can free up time and resources that can be better spent on strategic decision-making and business growth.

  • Expert advice on employment and tax legislation in New Zealand

The professionals at your Global PEO can provide expert advice on employment law and dispute resolution. Case studies show that a professional PEO partner can deliver the value of more than $2 million per year per client through efficiency gains and reduced non-compliance risk.

The global PEO becomes a co-employer of the organization’s employees, and PEO shares the employment responsibilities of the client organization. PEOs assume many administrative and HR compliance tasks that businesses would otherwise have to handle, giving business owners and management teams more time to focus on running their companies.

  • A Comprehensive Global Employment Service Portfolio

Global Professional Employment Organisations can provide valuable services, such as immigration support and expertise that businesses might not be able to access independently. Using a PEO can be a great way for businesses to improve efficiency, save time and money, and gain access to valuable resources and expertise.

Our experienced HR professionals are here to help with the many challenges of international expansion. From creating a successful employment strategy to providing guidance on proposed countries’ modes of entry, we can help you get started in your new venture. With our expert advice, you’ll be able to create compliant agreements and policies and ensure a smooth transition for your employees.

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The Remote Work Revolution & How PEOs Can Help You Adapt

As workforces continue to evolve, they demand that leaders like you shed the old work models of yesteryear and adapt to the new ones built in front of your eyes.  Global PEOs are here to help you navigate this changing employment paradigm, but only if you are willing to have an open mind about where your business is going.

Leadership teams across the globe are still struggling to figure out the best way to manage their internationally distributed workforce. Global PEOs are uniquely positioned to help companies like yours deal with these big changes, including the shift to remote work. Just a few years ago, the idea of a completely remote workforce was unheard of, but today it seems like a permanent reality for many.

How to Choose a Global PEO (Professional Employer Organization) in New Zealand?

As you consider a global PEO (Professional Employer Organization Partner) to manage your employees, imagine what would go wrong if the relationship didn’t work out. How would it affect your business? What if the PEO closed its doors or went bankrupt? Can you be sure your employees are covered in all eventualities? The best global PEOs can provide peace of mind and financial protection for employers and their staff, but you must do your homework before deciding on a global PEO partner.

Looking for a global PEO that can address your industry’s specific and global employment challenges is key to finding the best service provider. A global PEO with a strong track record and fiscal stability can help you address the needs of your industry while also providing compliance expertise and support.

Global PEOs help employers by taking on both the administrative burden of HR management and the financial responsibility of workers’ compensation. An added benefit is that they help you avoid having to make payroll tax deposits, which is especially helpful for small businesses that don’t have HR staff on hand to make these payments. They may even offer technology solutions that streamline payroll processing for employers.

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Global Employment Services: How a Global PEO can Help You in Business Transition

Companies around the globe are merging and acquiring one another to become more competitive. While this is in the company’s best interest, it can be difficult to predict how a merger or acquisition will affect its employees.

A bad transition can cause many problems, including increased employee complaints and turnover. The effects on employees may also extend beyond their employment with the company. This is why employers need to ensure a smooth transition for their employees by complying with termination procedures and taking other steps to protect themselves from legal action.

Acumen International provides business development services to companies making international transitions. Acumen protects and serves the needs of employers in transition by providing them compliant and secure global employment services.

At Acumen International, we know how to make the most of an uncertain situation. By helping businesses navigate complex international employment laws, we can provide the global employment tools and expertise needed to succeed in every country. We’ll get you to your destination—even if there are a few unexpected stops along the way.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies transition into new ownership with less disruption than expected—all because we’ve prepared them well in advance and given them a solid global employment framework upon which they can build their new hiring and hiring approach. We take care of all employment law compliance across multiple jurisdictions so that our clients have more time and energy to devote to what matters most—keeping their customers satisfied and their business.

Why Choose Acumen International PEO and payroll?

  • Global HR compliance and local expertise
  • One point of contact for all countries
  • One global service agreement for current and future countries
  • One invoice
  • Accurate and timely payroll 
  • Immigration and work permit sponsorship
  • Employment contracts drafting, 100% in-country compiance
  • English-speaking global service team and local languages speaking support
  • 24/7 client service available in all time zones.

Global Payroll Calculator: Accurate Global Employment Cost Estimation

When hiring employees and contractors across the globe, you may not be choosing the most cost-effective and business-friendly country.

  • Do you know which country is the most cost-effective place to hire employees?
  • What are the costs of entity establishment and legal representation?
  • What are the payroll costs and management fees?
  • What are your ongoing annual tax compliance costs?
  • Are you fully aware of banking implications?
  • Did you know that labor laws and hidden costs could make your company less efficient when choosing a country to run your business?
  • Did you know that there could be a more cost-effective country to hire employees in and save up to 50%?

This is because countries have different labor laws, compliance, and tax regulations. What if, instead of limiting your company’s international expansion by cutting through the jungle of local regulatory compliance, tax, labor, and immigration requirements, you could have all the information of 190 countries at your fingertips?

Acumen International offers the Global Payroll Calculator to help businesses understand the compliance requirements for conducting business in a new country. Acumen’s research team tracks developments in 190 countries around the globe. It provides up-to-date data on local regulations related to tax, payroll regulations, benefits, hiring practices, compliance requirements, and other labor-related factors that impact an employer’s bottom line. This valuable information makes the Global Payroll Calculator an invaluable tool for businesses looking to expand internationally.

Global Payroll Calculator helps companies reduce labor costs by providing up-to-date information on hiring, compensation, and tax requirements. It is also an ideal tool for quickly locating employees in any country.

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