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  1. Overview: Argentina
  2. Global PEO and payroll
  3. Global HR Compliance
  4. Work permit for hiring expats via PEO
  5. Expand without a company set up
  6. Contractor vs. employee: which is better?
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Global PEO and Payroll in Argentina

If you are considering entering a new market, it’s critical to consider the unique challenges faced there. Not every expansion is equally tricky, but navigating global markets will always require rigorous due diligence. As with any expansion, consider the laws, activities of your company, goals, and risk tolerance levels before moving forward.

Acumen’s Global PEO and Payroll solution was designed especially for companies like yours, to smooth the way for quick, easy and risk-free business operations in Argentina, without having to establish a legal business entity.

10 Burdens a Global PEO Can Relieve for Your In-House HR Department

  1. Global expansion complexity 
  2. Global payroll administration
  3. Lengthy onboarding 
  4. Complex and risky offboarding
  5. Workforce compensation administration
  6. Guidance on best practices of voluntary benefits provisioning
  7. Immigration and relocation support for your ex-pat workforce, such as visa sponsorship and securing work permits
  8. Convert local contractors into full-time employees
  9. Business transitions: acquisitions, mergers, close downs
  10. Need to deal with multiple global employment service providers.

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What is a Global PEO?

A professional employer organization (PEO) is a company that provides payroll, human resources, and benefits administration services to businesses. PEOs typically enter into joint employment relationships with an employer, which allows them to operate within single or multiple jurisdictions or countries. A crucial part of PEO services is compliance with the laws and regulations governing payroll, benefits administration, and tax reporting in the countries where they do business. This includes paying taxes on employee wages following local labor laws and taxation regulations. By outsourcing these functions to a PEO, businesses can focus on their core operations and leave the HR management to experts.

What Services Does a Global PEO (Professional Employment Organization) Provide?

  1. Global Payroll management;
  2. Compliance with local tax rules (file & deposit) of the country where the EOR company is located;
  3. Handling compliant employment contracts: 
  4. Background, education, and other checks; 
  5. Onboarding and termination processes, as well as employee compensation;
  6. Arranging visas and work permits for employees;
  7. Ensuring the working process is organized under local labor laws;
  8. Processing workers’ medical insurance and other benefits (day-offs, bonuses, and more);
  9. Global employment process maps, matter maps, employment guides, and other documentation.

How to Choose a Global PEO (Professional Employer Organization) in Argentina

When considering hiring a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), carefully research the company. A PEO supports a business’ human resources operations outside its owner’s area of expertise. When businesses outsource their HR operations, they can save money on labor costs and gain access to various benefits and services.

To choose the best PEO for your business or organization, you must evaluate multiple factors, including location, industry experience, breadth of services and benefits, and fee structure. A good PEO will provide HR solutions to a variety of industries and business sizes. It also should have a strong track record with many satisfied clients.

The cost of a global PEO will vary depending on the spectrum of services your business needs. Before you sign a contract, read it carefully and be sure it matches your needs. Consider how each PEO’s solution and service could meet your current and future needs. Some may offer a full suite of global employment and HR services, while others specialize in international payroll or benefits administration.

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Global PEO —  One-Stop Destination for Global Businesses

If your company is looking to move forward confidently, you need Acumen. We can help you replace or supplement existing employment-related service providers, such as payroll companies, employee benefit brokers, HR consultants, and background checks vendors. In addition, we can provide you with an IP attorney, tax advisor, translation service, legal advisor, and immigration advisor. With our comprehensive services, you’ll be able to stay compliant with all HR regulations.

Acumen International – Your Single Point of Truth and Global Employment PEO Solutions Provider in Argentina

Acumen International is a global PEO that provides international employment services to companies with employees working in multiple countries, including Argentina. We offer our clients a comprehensive service portfolio that includes:

  • 100 % compliant, quick, easy market entry. Acumen Global PEO is your local legal entity, helping you reduce the cost and time associated with incorporating.
  • Immediate global employment service coverage in 190 countries
  • Both a single point of contact and a dedicated account manager for your project for all target countries.
  • Compliant and secure global employment operations. We help you adhere to all local laws and regulations in 190 countries
  • A single contract for all in-country services (employment, immigration, legal, etc.)
  • A single PEO provider assumes full responsibility for your international employees in multiple countries
  • Payments are made within the UK or to the UK bank company account
  • Fully compliant with standardized procedures and reporting systems
  Our Global PEO&Payroll Client
Employment risks mitigation
Tax compliance & payroll processing
Incorporation costs no need for own
Effort 90% 10%
Coverage 190 countries 190 countries

Global Payroll Calculator: Accurate Global Employment Cost Estimation

When hiring employees and contractors across the globe, you may not be choosing the most cost-effective and business-friendly country.

  • Do you know which country is the most cost-effective place to hire employees? 
  • What are the costs of entity establishment and legal representation?
  • What are the payroll costs and management fees?
  • What are your ongoing annual tax compliance costs?
  • Are you fully aware of banking implications?
  • Did you know that labour laws and hidden costs could make your company less efficient when choosing a country to run your business? 
  • Did you know that there could be a more cost-effective country to hire employees in and save up to 50%?
  • How to hire international teams without setting up a local entity?

This is because countries have different labor laws, compliance, and tax regulations. What if, instead of limiting your company’s international expansion by cutting through the jungle of local regulatory compliance, tax, labor, and immigration requirements, you could have all the information of 190 countries at your fingertips?

The Global Payroll Calculator is built by Acumen International to help businesses understand the compliance requirements for conducting business in a new country. Acumen’s research team tracks developments in 190 countries around the globe. It provides up-to-date data on local regulations related to tax, payroll regulations, benefits, hiring practices, compliance requirements, and other labor-related factors that impact an employer’s bottom line. This valuable information makes the Global Payroll Calculator an invaluable tool for businesses looking to expand internationally.

Global Payroll Calculator helps companies reduce labor costs by providing up-to-date information on hiring, compensation, and tax requirements. It is also an ideal tool for quickly locating employees in any country.

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International Global Payroll and Taxation in Argentina

Taxes on corporate income. The corporate income tax (CIT) is paid by resident companies on their worldwide income, by nonresident companies – only on their income sourced in Argentina..

Turnover tax (gross income tax). Each of the 24 jurisdictions into which Argentina is divided imposes a tax on gross revenues from the sale of goods and services. Exports of goods are exempt, and certain industries are subject to a reduced tax rate. Rates, rules, and assessment procedures are determined locally. 

Real estate tax. Similar to the turnover tax, real estate tax is imposed by each Argentine jurisdiction. It is levied on the ownership of real estate located in the territory of the jurisdiction.

Real estate tax is usually assessed by the local tax authority, considering the property’s fiscal value and the tax rates established by the current year tax law.

Tax on financial transactions (on credits and debits on bank accounts). Bank account movements (deposits and withdrawals) are subject to a national tax on financial transactions.

Wealth tax. An annual wealth tax is levied on the shares or holding in the capital of local companies owned by individuals or undivided estates domiciled in Argentina or abroad, and/or companies and/or any other type of legal person domiciled abroad. It shall be assessed and paid directly by the local company as a full and final payment on behalf of the shareholders (the issuing company has the right to recover from the shareholder the tax paid). 

Foreign beneficiary tax. Foreign beneficiaries working temporarily in Argentina for no more than six months during the year, who earn income through either the visual or performing arts or other profession, are subject to income tax on these earnings.

Tax resident employees. Residents include the following:

  • an Argentine citizen residing in Argentina
  • a foreign individual granted permanent residence in Argentina
  • a foreign individual residing in Argentina for more than 12 months
  • a foreign individual assigned to work in Argentina for more than five years

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How Acumen’s International PEO and Payroll Service can Benefit Your Business in Argentina

Compensating your local and expat workforce in Argentina and closely adhering to Argentine taxation requirements can divert your attention and resources from activities that help your business grow. A reliable global employment solution like Acumen’s Global PEO and Payroll service can take a substantial burden off your shoulders so you can focus on running your company.

Outsourcing the administrative and compliance tasks involved in employee payroll is one approach, but we have a better solution. Acumen International offers a global PEO and payroll solution that goes beyond outsourcing. We hire and compensate your global workforce on your behalf, and take care of all the details of payroll while ensuring full compliance with Argentine labor and taxation laws.

It is important to note that Acumen does not provide international global payroll services as a standalone solution, but only as a part of our global PEO and Payroll solution.

Our comprehensive global PEO and payroll services are just some of the benefits of partnering with Acumen International. We make it easy for you to achieve your business goals in Argentina by officially employing and compensating your best selected global talent – both locals and expats – without concerns for legal and compliance risks faced by global employers.

Disclaimer: Any of the above information is subject to changes imposed by Argentine laws. To get the latest updates on taxation in Argentina and in 190 countries worldwide, contact Acumen’s team of global employment experts.

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