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Global Employer of Record in Albania

Global employment services

Businesses in the process of expanding globally often face challenges when it comes to compliantly onboarding employees in foreign countries. In most cases, legal compliance requires the establishment of a legal in-country business entity, a complex, costly and time-consuming process that many employers are not ready to undertake.

To help your organization legally onboard and payroll a workforce in Albania, Acumen International offers a global employment solution via our Global Employer of Record (EOR) designed to help you circumvent the legalities of direct hiring, eliminating the need for you to establish a legal entity in Albania in order to conduct business there.

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Spotlight on Albania:

Albania (officially the Republic of Albania) is a country in Southeastern Europe. It is located on the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, between Kosovo and Montenegro to the north and Greece to the south.

  • Capital: Tirana.
  • Official language: Albanian.
  • Population: 3.088.385 (July 2021).
  • Labor Force: 1.104 million (2020).
  • Industries: The most important sectors for the Albanian economy are agriculture (wheat, corn, oats, potatoes, vegetables, olives, tobacco, fruits, sugar beets, vines, livestock farming and dairy products), the industrial sector (food processing, textiles and clothing, timber work (construction), oil, cement, chemical products, mining, transport and hydraulic energy), the manufacturing sector and the services sector (tourism, telephony, banking and insurance sectors).
  • Trading partners: The main import partners are Italy, Greece, China, Turkey, and Germany. Imports commodities include refined petroleum, tanned hides, cars, packaged medical supplies, footwear parts. Albania’s export partners are Italy, France, Chinа, Spain, Germany, and Greece. Exports commodities are crude petroleum, iron alloys, clothing, electricity, perfumes, leather footwear and parts.
  • Local currency: Lek (ALL).
  • Minimum wage: Labour Code requires that workers should not be paid lower than the minimum wage set by the Council of Ministers. As of January 2021 the minimum salary in Albania was 30,000 Lek (or €242.52 equivalent) per month.
  • Salary currency: Albanian currency, unless otherwise defined by the agreement between the parties.

Employ your Selected Workforce in Albania via Acumen’s Employer of Record / EOR Solution

Acumen’s Global Employer of Record / EOR solution was designed to help international companies like yours expand your global reach and engage the brightest global talent for your projects.

Acumen’s Employer of Record / EOR service in Albania offers an efficient and inexpensive alternative to direct hiring.

As an Employer of Record services provider, Acumen International helps businesses to legally engage and pay their selected highly skilled professionals in Albania. Businesses desiring to hire local employees should be prepared to pay competitive salaries, to attract and retain the most qualified candidates.

Acumen is helping you navigate the challenges which global COVID-19 pandemic and market unrest caused. Some areas and procedures have been severely impacted, e.g. visa and travel rules restrictions, migration regulations change, health checks and vaccination policies requirement in case of cross-border travelling, etc. Timely counselling with the Acumen’s team will ensure proper guidance of the client through challenging situations and assist him in resolving complicated situations.

Leave it to Acumen to hire and compensate your employees on your behalf, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Legally Onboard and Payroll your Employees in Albania with Acumen’s Global Employment Solution

Reduce your risks while expanding your business, without establishing your own legal entity in Albania. You can trust Acumen to handle the global employment and HR details of your workforce management in Albania, to ensure full compliance with in-country employment laws.

Acumen’s Global employment services are designed to provide our clients with professional assistance to meet their global HR needs, such as:

  • Global talent acquisition and retention
  • Global expansion, to help you quickly enter new global markets without legal and HR compliance risks
  • Local support for international clients and their expat employees

With Acumen, you can rest assured that all legal requirements are met for compliant hiring and compensating of your employees in Albania, and in 190 countries worldwide where we serve our international clients, without registering as a local business entity.

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