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  1. Overview: Croatia
  2. Global HR Compliance
  3. Global PEO and Payroll
  4. Work permit for hiring ex-pats via PEO
  5. Expand without a company set up
  6. Contractor vs. employee: which is better?
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Global PEO and Payroll in Croatia

Global Expansion Journey: Plan ahead to Avoid the Pitfalls

There are many things to consider when a company decides to establish a workforce in another country where they have no local entity. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind while planning your strategy. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it's a great starting point.

10 Steps to Help You Navigate through Global Expansion Journey

  1. Determine Your Global Expansion Strategy
  2. Building a Global Expansion Team
  3. Choose the most business-friendly and cost-effective countries
  4. Determine the most effective mode of entry, keeping the ease of exit in mind.
  5. Determine the right talent engagement model
  6. Develop a robust global talent acquisition strategy. Find an experienced and reliable partner
  7. Compliantly hire local and foreign talent in multiple jurisdictions
  8. Create Global HR Compliance and Employment Risk Management Strategies
  9. Maintain reliable talent management systems. Adhere to local labor laws and HR compliance regulations.
  10. Global Talent Retention Programs.

Choosing the Most Cost-effective and Business-friendly Countries for International Expansion

Choosing the right countries to enter has long been a major challenge to going global. When you first consider doing business overseas, you'll have questions about how to proceed. 

To help make this decision, we've put together a list of factors that every business owner should consider when choosing which countries to expand into. For each factor, we advise you to weigh the pros and cons to determine if your company is ready for internationalization at this time.

This is a topic that can feel intimidating. Take it step-by-step, and figure out the particulars of your situation while keeping the big picture in mind.

Professional Employer Organization in CroatiaWhat is a Global PEO?PEOs are professional employer organizations. That means they offer comprehensive HR solutions for small businesses across the country. By paying a single fee per employee (2), employers can outsource all their HR needs to an expert who specializes in managing this aspect of their business. Some services provided by PEOs include

  • Payroll management
  • Benefits administration 
  • Tax reporting
  • Workers' compensation insurance 
  • Labor and tax compliance.

Outsourcing some global employment and HR functions to a PERO means that the business owner is not bogged down with processing payroll, benefits, or securing visas ad work permits. Instead, they have more time to concentrate on other company matters, including big-picture issues. You've come to the right place if you're looking to compliantly and quickly hire, manage, and pay employees across multiple jurisdictions via a trusted global employment partner

Global PEO (Professional Employment Organization) —  One-Stop Destination for Businesses in Croatia

Managing the employment side of your business can be a full-time job in and of itself. There are many options to consider when it comes to finding help, from payroll companies and tax and immigration advisors to employee benefits brokers to human resource consultants. One alternative to working with numerous vendors is partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

International PEOs can manage all aspects of your business's human resources, from benefits and payroll to unemployment management and safety training. This can free up your time to focus on running your business.

It can be hard to trust global employment functions when you're entering uncharted territory. Still, an Acumen Global PEO (Professional Employment Organization) can help your business get global and stay safe, secure, and compliant in foreign markets.

So what is a Global PEO? It's like a payroll company—but for employees in other countries. It's like an employee benefits broker—but for employees worldwide. And it's like a human resources consultant—but for businesses expanding internationally. So what does that mean for you?

How Does PEO Work? Co-employment Arrangement with a PEO 

PEOs are Professional Employer Organizations that provide HR management and benefits to employers' employees via a co-employer relationship or employee leasing arrangement. PEOs can help businesses with HR functions such as payroll, employee benefits, workers' compensation, and visa and work permit sponsorship. PEOs and employers share employment responsibilities, with the employer maintaining control over employee work performance and the PEO bearing responsibility for benefits, taxes, and payroll.  When you work with a PEO, they become the co-employer of your workforce. 

Co-employment is the result of a growing trend of companies employing internationally that do not have their human resource departments in target countries but outsource these functions to global Professional Employer Organizations (or PEOs). The co-employment model often has various advantages, allowing companies to outsource the administrative burdens and risks associated with managing and retaining employees in a foreign jurisdiction. it allows businesses to avoid the hassle and expense of being an employer of record. In a PEO arrangement, the end client partners with a PEO, which then employs the workers under a joint employment contract.

This means that the workers are technically employed by the PEO, not the business itself. As a co-employer, the PEO manages payroll, pays the employment taxes for worksite employees out of its account, collects and reports taxes, maintains a long-term relationship with employees, and potentially retains the right to hire, terminate and reassign employees.

Payroll Management and Compliance in Croatia

Managing employees in different countries can be a complex and challenging task. Employees may need to be registered and taxed differently in each country, and there may be other laws that need to be followed. This can make it very hard to keep track of everything and ensure everything is done correctly.

When it comes to payroll, there are many different regulations that you must follow to avoid penalties or litigation. Each country has its laws and regulations, but some standards apply internationally. You must know and adhere to tax deadlines, withholding and reporting laws, and regulations requiring employee tax slip signatures. If you fail to adhere to these payroll compliance rules, you could face severe penalties that could negatively impact your business.

Global payroll management is a complex process that requires careful consideration of various factors. Payroll specialists must consider local regulations and taxation requirements, which can be time-consuming and difficult to navigate. However, by addressing some key challenges and partnering with Acumen Global PEO (Professional Employment Organization), organizations can ensure compliant, accurate, and timely payments.

What Makes Acumen International PEO Solutions in Croatia Unique

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of global employment services in 190 countries. This makes Acumen International Global PEO (Professional Employer Organization) incredibly agile and able to adapt quickly to your talent acquisition needs. Our global PEO talent engagement model can help you scale up or down according to your business's changing requirements – minimizing your global employment risk.

When you partner with us, you can delegate HR responsibilities like payroll, benefits and tax administration, background checks, immigration services, and more. We take care of everything so you can focus on running your business.

Since 2000, Acumen International has served as an international PEO and payroll service provider in Croatia. With our solution, you can either expand your international reach or attract the brightest global talent for your projects while leveraging our company’s global infrastructure instead of setting up your own. No matter where you need a global employment solution, we hire the employees of your choice on our locally compliant payroll while transforming international payroll into a simple monthly invoice for you.

Use our international PEO solution to employ local sales representatives to explore the local market, sell your product there, or employ qualified IT personnel for projects of any complexity or duration. You can also test the market for viability and easily withdraw if found unfeasible without losing much compared to what could be lost after establishing an entity there. Global payroll solution in CroatiaGlobal payroll solution in Croatia through Acumen International is a great way to skip the hassle of setting up a legal entity or figuring out local labor laws. It allows you to focus on essential business tasks.

Setting up an entity might be expensive, not to mention the company maintenance cost, which may even cost more. With our global network covering 190+ countries, Acumen International has become your reliable global expert in local employment in Croatia and worldwide. With our deep understanding of Croatia's labor rules and regulations, you can trust that your global workforce satisfies all local tax, social security, and immigration requirements. By using our international employment outsourcing solution in Croatia, you can mitigate risks of employee misclassification and/or non-compliance.

If you are a service company serving clients that employ a global workforce, you might want to use our global PEO service as an efficient tool to extend your offering to your clients. Whether it is your client company or your firm that needs to instantly employ a local expert or a foreigner/expatriate in Croatia, Acumen International, utilizing international PEO service, will guide you through local employment nuances as well work permit sponsorship and business visa issuance required for expatriates’ immigration.

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