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  3. Global PEO and payroll
  4. Work permit for hiring expats via PEO
  5. Expand without a company set up
  6. Contractor vs. employee: which is better?
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Visa, work permit & immigration support in Germany

Do you have Ukrainian workers who are planning to flee to Germany to escape the Russian conflict? Or have your employees already left Ukraine and arrived in Germany?

Acumen International can help companies like yours, including IT, to compliantly employ your Ukrainian talent in Germany within days. Acumen’s global PEO and Payroll solution helps you to legally relocate your Ukrainian personnel to Germany so you can enjoy uninterrupted workflow with employees you know and trust. Our solution enables us to arrange for global payroll, and to open bank accounts for your employees. We can also provide your talent with laptops, mobile phones, and other tools they need to perform their jobs.

Planning to expand overseas, diversify your clients, and increase in revenue? Before you designate an executive individual in a targeted country, compliant and cost-effective employment should arrive as the prime concern. Especially, when it goes about the international project set up, established and executed by an expatriate fellow. Assigning your best talent is a reasonable option so that immigration issues not to snag it at the early stage of implementation.

Complete and risk-free employment in developed regions, like Germany, may outline the success of the whole venture, just as create unnecessary contingencies. Finding an appropriate solution to deal with work permit & immigration is a prerogative for the initial project phase. It is, however, a matter of time that defines budget effectiveness when it goes about operations within the international market. We are “ready-to-go” global employment service provider, our prime concern is your timeframe and prudent budgeting.

Acumen International provides a high-end work permit & immigration support, granting multinational companies with a comprehensive background for global expansion without incorporation. Our solution for global mobility grants companies to expand and operate their businesses across multiple markets with a single point of control. Engage an utmost global immigration support as we have helped hundreds of companies to meet their requirements during hiring expatriate staff and international assignments.

As a global employment organization, you can benefit from our work permit & immigration support in the following way:

  1. As a long-term solution allowing to have expats employed with full legal compliance in a foreign (host) country e.g Germany
  2. As an ad-hoc solution before establishing your own business entity in Germany

Acumen International takes on responsibility for visa and work permit sponsorship for your expatriate personnel that we employ locally on your behalf after they’ve received a work permit in Germany.

Solution for global mobility of expats in Germany

If you need to handle long-term international assignments for various types of expatriates in Germany, as well as within other jurisdictions, it is our strong point to meet the relocation demands of your company. In a very intelligent and consistent way, Acumen International can handle the reins of payroll, HR, work permit and immigration affairs. We have the ability to turn the embarrassing immigration procedure into a practical and forceful solution so you dedicate your time to achieving the supreme business goals.

Step forward international growth and reap the benefits of expansion into the global markets, while your international employees get their work permits within the standard duration of the immigration service in Germany and are officially employed on your behalf. Learn more about the timelines requirements for getting a work permit in Germany below.

Estimated time for work permit issuance

Typically, the procedure of work permit issuance in Germany takes from 1 to 3 months until entry to Germany, and a further 1 to 2 months before the whole process is completed.

Major steps to get a work permit in Germany

  1. Work Authorisation Application (optional)
  2. Visa Type D Application
  3. Visa Type D Collection
  4. Entry to Germany
  5. Town Hall Registration
  6. Residence Permit Application

Documents required for the work permit application in Germany

Name Notes
2 completed Permit application forms Printed and signed
2 color passport size photographs Make sure that your face takes 70 to 80 percent
3.2 cm x 2.6 cm; maximum size 3.9 cm x 3.1 cm;
white background, no eyeglasses
Passport (ID) valid for three months minimum Minimum 2 blanks
Maximum 10 years old
Must not contain illegible data
Undamaged condition
Proof of permanent/temporary residence Copy of Utility bills
Health insurance Provided by German Employe
Valid from the first day of employment
A signed letter of the job offer from the company in Germany (a Contract) Including job title, job description, and salary information
Approval by the Federal Employment Agency May be required
CV Valid Curriculum Vitae proving qualification level
Diploma/qualification certificates Qualification improvement
Cover letter Purpose and duration statement
Clear Criminal record Notarized and Apostille approved copy
Birth Certificate Notarized and Apostille approved copy
Marriage Certificate (if traveling with a spouse) Notarized and Apostille approved copy/ies
Airline ticket/proof of vise fee paid

If you need your expat personnel legally work for you in Germany without the necessity to set up your own business branch, we are here assist you with work permit and immigration support.

Contact our team to get the latest commentary on how to meet the requirements tied to your foreign employees’ immigration matters and relieve you of the responsibility of getting a work permit by working with our local partners. We will collect all the necessary permits, as well as provide you with a detailed update on the application progress.

Contact us for more details about how you can get a work permit for your expatriate staff and employ them through Acumen International in Germany.

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