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  1. Overview: United Kingdom (UK)
  2. Global HR Compliance
  3. Global PEO and Payroll
  4. UK Work Visas, Work Permits, Immigration
  5. Contractor vs Employee: Which Is Better?
  6. Expand into the UK without a Company Set Up
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The Global Expansion Guide: How to Hire Fast, without a UK Company Set-up

Become An International Business And Gain Presence in the UK Without The Risk Or Expense Of Setting Up a Company.

Entering the U.K. job market can be costly and complicated. If you don't have the right expertise, it can be difficult to navigate all the legal requirements for hiring locally. Fortunately, there are global professional employer organizations (PEOs) that can help you expand into the UK and manage the whole employment process, from compliantly employing your selected workers to contract termination.

Global EOR & PEO Services for Quick and Compliant Hiring in the UK 

Acumen International offers a Global PEO service that makes it easy for businesses to expand their operations into the UK without having to set up a legal entity. With our help, you can take your business to the next level and enter the UK market with ease. Contact us today to learn more about our PEO services in the UK and how we can help you achieve your expansion goals.

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Expand into the UK without a Company Set Up with a Global PEO Services

Make a Rapid UK Market Entry & Ease of Exit

  • Enter the UK markets, test the markets before getting established there, and easily withdraw from the unattractive countries.
  • Short-term EOR arrangements can provide a quick way for companies to test new markets. If you're willing to fork over an additional premium, the flexibility that these arrangements offer if you decide things aren't going well will be invaluable.

Engage the Best UK Talent with PEO in the UK

  • Attract and compliantly pay commission-based sales representatives.
  • Develop international sales teams and extra revenue opportunities, without setting up own subsidiaries overseas.

Risk-free Business Expansion to the UK

  • Avoid legal and HR compliance risks via Global PEO in the UK.
  • Design an efficient system of international sales with a strong team of global salesforce.

Global PEO Services – Cost Control, and Compliance in the UK

Acumen International has emerged as one of the largest providers of PEO/EOR services in the industry. We work directly with employers in order to provide superior service and competitive costs. By controlling the employee experience, we are able to reduce compliance risks while providing you with excellent customer service.

Acumen International experts can provide the UK tax, law, and financial expertise you need on how to acquire, renew, and terminate contracts; distribute benefits, and comply with labour laws and regulations in the United Kingdom.

In-country Legal Guidance by Acumen Global PEO Experts

As your business expands into the UK market, it's important to have a PEO (Professional Employment Organisation) partner who can provide expert guidance on local laws and regulations. Our team can help you with everything from employee contracts to payroll administration and tax compliance. We can also assist with benefits administration and HR compliance issues. With our deep knowledge of the local legal landscape, we can help your business operate smoothly and efficiently in any new market.

The key to expanding seamlessly into the UK is finding and effectively managing local people. Just a single pair of boots on the ground is a game-changer. Immediate revenue increases with a skilled globally distributed salesforce, or expedited growth with foreign local IT pros; all benefits of a strong international team and presence in the global marketplace.

However, if your company is trying to go global, or is already in those early stages, chances are that you’re starting to understand how complicated global operations can be.

Learn How You Can Expand Your Business Globally Through Employment Fast, Easily, And Risk-Free!


Global PEO Services

 Faster Talent Onboarding and Offboarding

Acumen International can helps you turn your new hires into successful employees in the UK.

After you’ve decided to expand in the UK, hiring people to represent your company in the country is your next step. Employee onboarding and payroll in the UK bring with them certain legal procedures and norms that need to be observed by both employers. The legal procedure for a company set up in the UK generally takes around three months.

You need to consider liquidation that might be needed if you find the market unattractive and want to withdraw. In some countries, the procedure is much more complicated than opening a business entity.

Acumen International will help you turn your new hires into successful employees fast. With our experience and PEO expertise, we can help your new employees quickly hit the ground running and become productive members of your team.

Our international PEO services include all aspects of human resources management, from pre-employment guidance to developing documents and policies tailored to each new country of operation.

PEO & Payroll Management in the UK

Acumen International can help reduce global payroll administration costs to ensure your competitive advantage in the UK. You can outsource the employment of your salesforce or other team members in the UK to us.

Acting as a local legal employer for your remote employees in the United Kingdom, we will run a local payroll & HR, and process business expenses on your behalf. We will pay allowances and benefits to your people in the UK. 

Our multijurisdictional billing and payment service makes it easier for businesses to manage their finances across multiple jurisdictions, helping them to save time and money. By centralizing payments in one currency, businesses can avoid penalties for mistakes in foreign billing, foreign tax treatment, and international banking.

PEO & Immigration Support in the UK

Looking to add some international flair to your company? Hiring ex-pats can help you tap into new markets and global talent pools. But the process of onboarding and legally compensating them can be complex.

That's where we come in. We can help guide you through the documentation process and prepare all the mandatory documents required for visas, work permits, and residence permits. So you can focus on growing your business—not headaches.

Acumen International Global PEO can sponsor UK work permits and visas for your expatriate personnel who you need to send and have employed in the UK.

Confidently Engage Talent in the UK with a Global PEO  

As the original (factual) employer, you will maintain the substantive work relationship, making all decisions on compensation, position duties, projects and termination. We will act as a legal employer for your workforce, which is why you won’t have any legal ties with them. Our solution gives you the freedom to dedicate all your time to developing your business in the target country without a costly and time-consuming entity set up in the UK.

Avoid Employee Misclassification Risk in the UK

As your business looks to expand globally, it's important to choose the right global employment partner to help you navigate foreign employment laws and regulations. Working with an International Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can help you avoid the risks associated with misclassifying employees, which can result in significant penalties.

Extend a Global Reach with Right Global PEO Partner

With the help of a PEO, you can confidently build your global team and expand your business into new markets. You only need to select the candidates (or decide to convert current freelancers/independents into employees) and we will do the rest. We can help you compliantly employ your pre-selected candidate in the UK within 72 hours.

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