How a Global Employer of Record Can Empower Employers in the War for Global Talent

Nick Ganzha, the author of the eBook and CEO at Acumen International shares with you his rich experience in helping international companies derive the most value from the employment compared with other modes of hiring their international workforce. Nick also shares valuable insights on how a Global Employer of Record solution can help you gain a unique competitive advantage and maximize the potential of the global talent you are engaging around the world.

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This eBook reveals to you the main differences between a GEOR solution and other modes of hiring foreign workforce overseas. It also shows how this solution can help you optimize cost, reduce time and effort, and minimize compliance risks and exposures, while at the same time hiring and keeping top global talent. This helps make global hiring systemic and risk-free, leading to higher employee loyalty and engagement, lower turnover costs and higher profits.


You Wil Discover…


  • how you can employ and payroll an unlimited headcount in 190 countries, from 1 employee to hundreds, both locals and expats;
  • how you can avoid misclassification risks and costly penalties without the need to learn numerous in-country legislations yourself;
  • how you can get freedom from hassle and cost of local business entities setup and maintenance to hire international workforce;
  • how you can instantly estimate the total cost of hiring a foreign employee in any country of your choice;
  • how HR can become one of the key drivers for companies’ growth and success;
  • and many more..

Make Sure You Are The Company Top Global Talent Craves To Work For

Here Is How a Global Employer of Record Solution Helps…

We at Acumen International, aim at making hiring an employee in a new country simple and cost-effective for you. We have designed an innovative Global Employer of Record solution to help you hire your global workforce, while achieving 100% compliance in 190 countries and having the best global talent working for you with maximum engagement and dedication. We become a legal employer of your workforce in any chosen country where you need to hire an employee. With our knowledge and deep understanding of local nuances, you can trust that your global workforce satisfies all local tax, social security, and immigration requirements. We onboard your employees and manage monthly payroll and financial statements, as well as liaise with the local state authorities. We can sponsor your employees’ residence visas and work permits in most countries too.

A Global Employer of Record solution is revolutionary in how it helps you capitalize on the benefits of the shared economy, which is based on shared ownership with consumers paying to access someone else’s goods or services. Instead of setting up your own foreign infrastructures, feel free to leverage our global infrastructure to streamline your international projects with international workforce involved.

With a Global Employer of Record solution you can: 

  • Attract –  71% more qualified global talent
  • Retain – 37% less staff turnover
  • Engage – 10x higher engagement in and dedication to work
  • Employ global workforce achieving 100% compliance
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